Mr. Yash Chavan is Co - Founder/ Marketing Consultant at Flying Flicks Media Private Limited. He has also worked as Chief Operating Officer at Maverick Productions, India President - I-Media , Executive Producer at Indiainfobridge, Proprietor /Production Manager at Cyber Zone, AV Division Manager at Omnix International , A Salam Studio company, Marketing Specialist at PACC Dubai, Marketing and Purchase Manager at National Trading Centre Dubai, and Commercial Manager at Chowgule Industries Ltd. He was educated at Elphinstone College Mumbai University and Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communications, Pune. Mr. Chavan comes from a distinguished career spanning over twenty-two years in entertainment, communication, and content development industries. His experience spans all areas of digital production management. Yash holds post graduate qualification in broadcast journalism with a specialization in digital media acquisition. He has managed setting up turnkey broadcasting projects in India and the Middle East for multinationals such as Canon, Apple, Avid and Tech Electronics. His use of reorganization and information technology strategies has created organizational success in a variety of business environments.

CG Today : Welcome, Mr. Chavan. We appreciate that you are sharing with us your ideas and thoughts.

Chavan : Thank you and it's a great pleasure being here.

Yash Chavan New Media Evangelist

CG Today : You Twittered that the “Internet revolutionized the present decade but smart phones will take over all medias of communications in the next decade”. You certainly seem to have put your money where your mouth is by establishing Flying Flicks. Give us some more insight into this belief, please.

Chavan : Today you and me would have probably never met or talking to each other if the internet had not come into our life. 70 percent of my business network has been established through the net. The next big thing happening in our life is mobility "walk ,talk, surf on the go". The internet will be used mainly for development & viewing visuals on a large screen otherwise the mobile will do the rest for you

CG Today : Flying Flicks, is on the cutting edge in offering iPhone Apps for streaming media and digital content to your customers’ iPhones. You say that your company “builds engines with a branded skin on the surface to transport films from an online website to the mobile user”. Please tell us more about this.

Chavan : We develop Smartphone applications where entertainment content is digitally either stored on the app server or drawn from the media company's portal server - these apps are basically engines capable of A/V content.These apps can have their own content skin or commercial advertising be branded by another company interested in advertising to reach the target segment which they think is appropriate audience for their advert to reach.



CG Today : Flying Flicks guarantees limitless access to valuable digital assets and premium media content through its content security, provisional access, business support systems and content and digital rights management product suites. How difficult is it to match suitable content to the specific viewing audience you are targeting?

Chavan : The content on each application is targeted for specific audience who go in for the app. What I mean to say above is the digital assets are well protected through a digital rights management system which if incorporated is full proof from any misuse. Media Asset Management through a Smartphone will help catalogue /archive trillions of Audio Visual content. If a freelance has the tools on ones phone to meta tag at low resolution A/V content viewed the task of managing media assets will become streamlined on an assembly line universally accessible.

CG Today : What demographic is the most important audience for animated projects and gaming projects?

Chavan :
Apple has made it very straightforward on their itunes stores. If you are a registered member at a particular demographic region then you can access/view/play that content only in that region. This makes it very easy to protect copyright licenses in a particular region without infringing rights of a distributor at a particular demographic region. I hope all app stores fall this policy . As regards animation and gaming projects it is a worldwide craze so really you cannot pinpoint a particular demographic region having the most important audience.

CG Today : What media companies is Flying Flicks partnering with?

Chavan : Flying flicks is partnering with UTV, Indiatimes, Bollywood Hungama, Stashmedia for the present. As a new media consultant I am working on audio-visual as well as print media publishing projects right smart phones apps to media asset management in U.A.E. Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United States.

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