Yash ChavanAs a part of three day media and entertainment gathering, Frames 2011, a panel discussion on Challenges of Creating Animated Content from Asia Pacific for Global Distribution was held in Mumbai yesterday.


Mr Ashish S. Kulkarni, CEO, Big Animation


Mr Mark Eyers, Chief Content Officer, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc
Mr Frank Foster, Senior Director & COO, Maya Digital Studios
Ms Agnes Li, Marketing Director, Golden Bridge Animation Studio
Mr Munjal Shroff, Director & COO, Graphiti Multimedia Pvt Ltd
Mr N R Panicker, Chairman, Accel Animation Studios
Mr Geregory Ho, Vice President & General Manager, Animax Asia, SPE Networks Asia  
Mr Hiroshi Tsutsumi, Manager International Licensing, TV Tokyo Corporation, Japan

Frames 2011 opened with the buzz of the famous film line “Show me the money!" Everybody was talking about getting funding and R.O.I in an innovative manner at the 'box office". Most filmmakers were also focused on post release marketing through international distribution on multi platforms and character merchandizing.

The big question posed by the moderator Ashish Kulkarni was "When do we green light a project?" in plain words, he said,  " When do we say go ahead 'with camera, lights and action", guys when the funds are in place go head - on into production.’’

During the course of discussion, Agnes Li rightly remarked that the elements considered essential for a film are the treatment, script and character design to make your film a strong buy worldwide.

N.R.Panicker of Accel Studios had some reservations about the investing in Indian animation films. He said, his company had spent millions of dollars on an Indian animation film with only peanuts coming into the kitty from broadcasting partnership.

What is the trick to make it work? Is the big question! Finally the panelists concluded that it is better to co-create Asia -Pacific properties with the help from US, Canadian, and European producers. They also added that the produced property will be marketed as an international production to distributors and broadcasting partners worldwide.

In a nutshell, Mark Eyers said, ‘Film Making is a collaborative event to get business through number of vertical markets in the international arena!"

Another important development happening in the international animation industry, where India can play an important role is, it can become a cost effective partner in "Conversion of 2d content into 3d” - so let's put on those glasses guys and get virtually into 3D world and make some green!

Also do refer to my published articles "West meets East" and "Film Designing, a combo of Aesthetics and Technics" where I have covered grounds of this discussion. So here I am already giving you the tricks of the trade to make your films ring at the box office!

By Yash Chavan
New Media Evangelist