Yash ChavanWith the 'Egyptian Social Media Revolution' Egyptian youth have outwitted everybody in the Middle East Management Systems - the Monarchy backed by British colonial rulers’ offices and the American Oil Riggers. The Egyptian kids got their act together through a systematic network online and offline in a revolution which no one could have imagined they could have accomplished - the world under- estimated an underdog - don't go to a quack Egyptian dentist; he will pull out your tooth - they used to say!

The Egyptians literally wrapped the carpet from underneath their oil rigged and policed economies to a freedom as Richie Haven's had aptly sung during Vietnam protest days:

"Freedom Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Motherless children have a hard time
Sometimes I feel like freedom is here
Sometimes I feel like freedom is so near
But we're so far from home"

Their fellow brothers from Middle East, the Palestinians, Lebanese, and Israelis are fighting over Gaza Strip for half a century now but are at loggerheads because they do not have the blessings of a queen like Cleopatra!

In Dubai, one has seen, when the need arose some have put up their women to street walk. But the Egyptians only belly danced as their cultural heritage, to camouflage the social network revolution happening in the back rooms.

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook is the medium which Wael Ghonim, a Google Executive living out of a bag in Dubai and Cairo used to spark the revolution. Islam Lofti & Walid Rachid, online lawyers, networked with Ghonim to spread such messages as, "They are eating pigeon & chicken & we are eating beans all the time". That reminds me of Orwell's Animal Farm “Some animals are more equal than others!"

The planners knew that for the demonstrations to succeed, they would need the participation of ordinary Egyptians in working-class districts of Cairo where the internet and Facebook are not as widely used. So the night before "Friday of anger" they walked the narrow alleys of Cairo calling out to residents to protest. Wael Ghonim’s efforts of sparking out the online mobilization from Dubai-Deira Nasr Square cumulated to the actual uprising on Cairo's Tahrir Square on January 25th. Power to the Egyptians! Long live democracy - freedom of expression and existence is every human being’s birth right on our mother earth!

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