It is the dawn of the era where virtual learning is becoming the order of the day. You can look online for everything from poetry to historic films to rewind to culture in the times gone by. Therefore the time has to make history everyday through audio-visual pieces, which can be created on everyday experiences in all walks of life which teach generations to come what it was like to be in our times. 

YashToday to record the same, you need to train an army of video filmmakers who can interview the man on the street with their digital camera - every walking human on this planet has a story to tell, and even if a fraction of that is recorded we will have content which will be priceless.

We need schools of media-learning to mushroom up in the country which will produce creative filmmakers who can team in pairs to literally go out there and make their camera talk to the people, edit on their smart phones, iPads or laptops and get it uploaded to an online site for access by viewers worldwide. In India we have diverse cultures and educated youth who, if equipped with professional digital filmmaking skills can impart knowledge to the youth of the world.

These schools should be aided by the government and private technocrats so that the education is practically at no cost to the students. Investors can recover their investment through the priceless content produced and warehoused on the cloud.


Yash Chavan, New Media Evangelist

Mr. Yash Chavan is Co - Founder/ Marketing Consultant at Flying Flicks Media Private Limited. He has also worked as Chief Operating Officer at Maverick Productions, India President - I-Media , Executive Producer at Indiainfobridge, Proprietor /Production Manager at Cyber Zone, AV Division Manager at Omnix International , A Salam Studio company, Marketing Specialist at PACC Dubai, Marketing and Purchase Manager at National Trading Centre Dubai, and Commercial Manager at Chowgule Industries Ltd. He was educated at Elphinstone College Mumbai University and Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communications, Pune. Mr. Chavan comes from a distinguished career spanning over twenty-two years in entertainment, communication, and content development industries. His experience spans all areas of digital production management. Yash holds post graduate qualification in broadcast journalism with a specialization in digital media acquisition. He has managed setting up turnkey broadcasting projects in India and the Middle East for multinationals such as Canon, Apple, Avid and Tech Electronics. His use of reorganization and information technology strategies has created organizational success in a variety of business environments.