With the success of its various IPs and co-productions, DQE Group has concluded several global licensing and merchandising deals for all platforms of television, home entertainment, DVD sales, publishing of books and merchandising.

Several licensing and merchandising deals have been executed for various properties with globally recognised partners including TF 1 Enterprises (France), ZDF Enterprises (Germany), Al Jazeera Children's Channel - for Arabic Countries, CPLG (London), Beltex (Belgium), Hachette Livre, Media Corpe( Singapore), Noga Communications & Ahim Fred(Israel), Turner Group etc. Eg: The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Lassie, Iron Man, Casper, Mysteries & Feluda

Major IP ownerships for globally renowned brands with marquee partners has opened up several additional revenue streams which the Directors anticipate will accelerate growth and profitability.

Significant licensing and distribution deals concluded over the past few months include:

  • Licensing deal for 'The Jungle Book' with the leading card makers Universal Cards,(Universal) Germany.
  • The signing of a home video distribution deal for the 3D animated TV series "The Jungle Book" by Play Records Marketing & Distribution Ltd ("Play Records"), Israel.
  • Licensing and merchandising agreements for 'The Jungle Book'  with Osem Investments Limited, an Israeli subsidiary of Nestlé S.A. ("Nestle"), a food production and distribution company and also the Burger Ranch franchise, a fast food chain across Israel.
  • Exclusive toy licensing agreement for DQE's 3D animated series The jungle book with Mookie Toys Ltd ( Mookie ), a UK based company.
  • Publishing deal for The Jungle Book with Hachette Livre for global French language publications including; story books, activity books, novelty books, workbooks and home learning chapter books;
  • Broadcasting agreement with Noga Communications for the broadcast of The Jungle Book in Israel;
  • Broadcast deal with Walt Disney Television International's "Hungma TV" for the broadcast of "Twisted Whiskers" co-produced with American Greetings and Mike Young Productions;
  • An exclusive broadcast with Al Jazeera Children's Channel (JCC) for the exclusive broadcasting rights to Jungle Book across 22 Arabic countries for a fixed term of five years;
  • Multiple merchandising deals with D'arpeje SA and School Pack in France for the manufacture of school related items. Further merchandising agreement with Ahim Fried Limited for the manufacture and sale of Jungle Book products within Israel;
  • The Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Ltd (CPLG) have signed a 3 year agreement to be responsible for merchandising, publishing promoting and direct-to-retail strategy for multiple countries including the UK, Spain, Portugal Japan and Italy; and
  • In addition DQE have signed a second deal for fabric products with Belltex(Belgium).

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