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Ashoka was created using myriad software platforms across three different locations. All lead characters were hand drawn, then scanned and cleaned up for digitization. For minor characters as well as crowd scenes and long shots, the animation was drawn directly using Wacom tablets.

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The Making of Toonpur Ka Superrhero Video

The video is a detailed description of how an idea develops from the desk and jumps onto the screen. The storyboard serves as a skeleton. The live shoot follows the storyboard. The live shoot paves the way for integrating the 3D environment which finally gives way to the final composite.  The integration of all the elements complete the entire process of creating a scene. Kireet certainly was able to transfer a majority of the idea on paper to be reflected on the screen.

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Voice Over:

Voice acting is not a piece of cake and particularly when it comes to animation. In India there are many inadequacies in terms of getting actors and actresses who can mimic and understand where to exaggerate and where to down play.

Toonpur ka Superrhero -    Rakesh Ranjan

Creating the perfect actor does not always result in creating a perfect character. The voice is equally important to give life to the character. The Toonpur World stands apart in this respect. The difficulty faced by the artists is to give the characters an identity. The “exaggerated” voices of the virtual world should blend with the characters in the movie. Big Daddy Sanjay Dutt has given his voice for the character Gyaandev in this movie.

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Toonpur Ka Superrhero -   Yunus Bukhari

Mr. Yunus Bukhari behind the camera - Yunus Bukhari is a widely renowed figure in the animation and VFX industry. He is known for his works like Koi Mil Gaya, Devdas, Khel, Rakt, Josh and the television series Saara Aakash. He is regarded to be India’s best VFX Supervisor. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Artery Animation & FX.

TKS has used a different kind of approach for the movie. Ajay Devgn mentioned in an interview that acting in the movie was tough. He acted with green screens surrounding him. The Bollywood Superstar had to match certain standards to perform in the movie. The body language had to match that of the virtual actors. Eye contact needed to be maintained to retain authenticity.

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Pre- Production

The entire pre-production was done at 2nz Animation Studio which consisted of Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Storyboards, Layouts, Environments, Props and Character Designs till the final 3D assets. About 35-40 people were working on the over all pre-production of TKS and some parts of the animation were headed by Technical Director Arun Mane and Animation Supervisor Prashant Shikare. "Toonpur Animation Bible" served as a ready reckoner for the total team. This planning and visualization phase lasted about eight months.