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Geon Studios Pvt. Ltd. recently delivered some breathtaking visual effects for the Hollywood Western “The Warrior’s Way”. A movie with great sword fighting, thrilling scenes and power packed action, VFX was always going to play a major role. And Geon did deliver in great style!

Warriors Way

Do you believe in a world of superheroes where the good are protected and the evil vanquished? To all the fans of superhero stories who cheer at the magical powers of a great superhero fighting for humanity, there is great news! Ashoka – The Hero, the new boy wonder in superhero history, is going to enthral you in the movie screens come January.

Pre-Production | Production | Post-production


Synopsis: The film is the story of a young boy Ashoka who wants to grow up and help others. His inspiration is his father, a policeman, who died in the line of duty. Ashoka finds a powerful medallion created by the Emperor Asoka after the war of Kalinga to protect mankind from self destruction and evil. On obtaining these powers, he becomes a super hero. But he must learn to use his powers and help others. How he fights off the corruption of power and saves the city from destruction is what the rest of the film is all about.

Pre-Production | Production | Post-production

Ashoka the Hero -  VFX_001

As challenging as production was, it was a cakewalk compared to post production. The VFX team worked on a variety of different FX and 3d packages to create the effects. Once the VFX was locked, the layers were all sent to the compositing team where they were rendered for the editor.

Pre-Production | Production | Post-production


Ashoka was created using myriad software platforms across three different locations. All lead characters were hand drawn, then scanned and cleaned up for digitization. For minor characters as well as crowd scenes and long shots, the animation was drawn directly using Wacom tablets.