Another touch-based triumph from Croydon’s finest

Meet the Spacelings – the new puzzler from To-Fu developer HotgenHotgen, UK-based developer of the inventive iPad, iPhone and iPod touch puzzler To-Fu, has unleashed the latest version of its iOS title – and it’s out of this world.

The original version of Spacelings was released a couple of weeks ago. The game is a slick piece of iOS puzzling, in which players must rescue the cute and loveable Spacelings from the clutches of their evil Roborg adversaries.

Early player feedback has been gathered, and the team has quickly addressed a couple of key issues, implemented an optional double-digit control  system, tidied up here and there and added in some new levels for good measure, resulting in a highly-polished puzzler the team is now ready to shout about.

Spread over more than 100 fiendish levels, players must use their mothership’s tractor beam to retrieve the Spacelings in distress. In a unique twist on the genre, the tractor beam must be manipulated in real-time in order to save each Spaceling.

Each level is a supreme test of lateral thinking, as players bounce, deflect, pull, push and detonate objects in order to successfully completely each level – with additional bonuses awarded depending on exactly how the level is completed.

The game offers gentle progression via a simple tutorial track with more perplexing puzzles becoming available through wormholes as levels are unlocked- so players always have a choice as to the type of challenge they want to play.

A universal App which is enhanced for retina displays and iPad, Spacelings is another triumphant puzzler from Croydon-based Hotgen.

“Spacelings is a unique twist on a genre which has existed almost since the birth of home computing,” says James Stewart, Producer, Hotgen, “and the game has been an absolute joy to design, develop and playtest. Spacelings is a huge package available for less than the price of a Sunday newspaper – yet offering weeks of entertainment. We’re sure this space puzzler is set to be a real App Store star.”

Available now for 69p for all iOS devices, Spacelings is a stunning brain teaser which is set to tease brains all over the world – and beyond.