Tarun Gupta is, currently, a VFX/Stereoscopic Compositor for Digital Media Imaging, PVT., LTD, Reliance Media Works. Before beginning his tenure at Reliance, he was a VFX Compositor at Eyeqube Studios/Eros International. Mr. Gupta attended Delhi University. His specialties are 2D/3D Compositing (Foundry Nuke V06, Nuke X, Autodesk Combustion 4, Adobe After-Effects CS4, Autodesk Maya 2008), Motion Tracking Software (Boujou V02.5D, Mocha V02.0),and 2D Paint Software (Adobe Photoshop CS5).

CG Today : Welcome to CG Today and thank you for joining us.

Tarun : Great to be part of.

CG Today : Can you tell us more about your work at Reliance media Works? Tarun Gupta – VFX / Stereoscopic Compositor

Tarun : I am a part of Stereoscopic division of Reliance Media works, I worked as a 2D Paint Artist, my work revolves around creating Single/ Dynamic clean plates for solving an artifact called Pixel Repeat. This is created while working on Stereo Lefts Rights Depth Comp. Along with it I had worked there on several VFX Projects also.

CG Today : You are adept at using several kinds of film-making software. What are your favorite effects or compositing tools?

Tarun : My Favorite Tool is NUKE, it is a high-end compositing platform and best in the market.

CG Today : In the filmmaking arena, work is fast-paced and deadlines are always looming. How do you keep up with the latest trends in your field of work?

Tarun :
Very true. See our field is more or less a technology dependent and technology is changing every day. So to be in market you have to update yourself at the same pace.



CG Today : On the blog, VFX Hack, the writer said, "Today's digital artists tend to be woefully under-educated in art and film history and spend way too much time replicating what they see on CG movies and Forums and not spending any time analyzing what makes a great work of art great". What are your thoughts on this statement?

Tarun : Sad but true. Artist is a person who shows the world his ideas, his vision through his creativity, be it a painter, sculptor or a digital artist. The biggest challenge is to make yourself technically sound along with your creative sense, create a masterpiece which the world can remember for long.

Tarun Gupta – VFX / Stereoscopic Compositor

CG Today : In your bio, you say you are, "growing and learning every second". In the animation field, that is especially true, is it not?

Tarun : Yes its rock truth, not only to our field but for all fields.

CG Today : Depth Compositing… fun to do?

Tarun : Cool to do. As it’s an entirely new experience for all of us working on Stereoscopy.


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