CG Today : What are the career opportunities?

Prince : Career opportunities have increased considerably, since last few years. This is mainly because of the increase in web and mobile entertainment globally. Earlier, it was confined to only main stream animation production such as television of feature films, and as we know, studios which have the capability of doing such productions were much less. That’s not the case today, and tomorrow is going to be better.

CG Today : I had noticed in your website that Vriksha conducts an assessment test prior to enrolment, how effective is this for both the students and the trainer?

Prince : Well, I had started with Vriksha, because I was disgusted with the way animation training industry were wooing people to take up their makeshift training programs. Primarily Animation is a Visual Art form. There is so much of Art, Story telling and Film making in it. But, aesthetics have given no importance in Animation training in India. Believing that software’s does it all, is a mistake. Digital tools are very handy and convenient tools to an Artist who wants to create.  But, they are not all that you need to learn. It is hard to make people understand when they run behind some kind of trend or hype and quick bucks. Knowing how the industry works and what the industry needs, I wished for a change.

I decided to be the change. We conduct an assessment test to figure out that whether the choice of taking up animation as a career is good for an aspirant or not, if a student is not artistically lenient towards Animation; its waste of time and money. We do discourage people from getting in to animation, if they found otherwise.

CG Today : Can you tell us a bit about Vaudeville studios?

Prince : VaudeVille studios Pvt.Ltd is found to produce quality animation content. Initially we have the plans to do production services, though we are developing our IPs as well. We want to say stories, really good stories that will move people. In a way, animation becomes secondary here. It's always the story that sells, then comes animation. We will be coming out with our stories, when it is time. I personally believe that in India we are stuck with our own mythological subjects way too much.



CG Today : How ‘Prince of Vriksha’ helps ‘Prince Paikattu’ in exploring the boundless?

Prince : Haa..! I don’t differentiate it. I am taught to be sincere with whatever I do. I believe it should be the other way around. It is being ‘Prince Paikattu-the explorer’ helps ‘Prince- the mentor’. It helps me to inspire some one with my own findings..!!

CG Today : What are the future plans of Vriksha & Vaudeville; is there anything special we should know?

Prince : As I was mentioning, VaudeVille Studios has its own plans to get in to producing Animation content. We are keenly working on it.  Vriksha is shaping up as arguably the first Animation Atelier, and envisioned to be that soon.

CG Today : Thanks a lot for your time and wish you all luck…

Prince : My pleasure, and thank you.


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