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Arun Gowtham is presently Vice President -Technical at ANTS Studio Private Limited. He has been earlier associated with various studios like Digital Art Media, Syncline FX Pvt Ltd, Crest Communications, Akash FX and i-Nurture(Toonskool) Education Solutions Private Limited as Country Head of Quality Assurance; Mr. Arun Gowtham had received his animation education at Gates Academy in Bangalore.He is also a graduate in Journalism and a post graduate in Public Administration.

Arun Gowtham

CG Today : Mr. Gowtham, welcome to CGToday. It is delightful to have you with us today.

Arun : Thank you.

CG Today : You are the Vice President-Technical at ANTS Studio Private Limited. You are also managing and leading a team at Dream Media Fusion in parallel and associated with i-Nurture Education Solutions Private Limited. How are you able to plan and manage multiple organizations at higher verticals? Please do let us know about your time management strategy?

Arun : I am presently associated with Ants Studio Pvt Ltd as VP-Technical as well as parallel running my own entity Dream Media Fusion. I am able to do this successfully because the nature of business in both these organizations is different. In Ants it is only training and in DMF its only production.My concept is quiet simple just take up only that which can be executed.

CG Today : What are the current projects of the organizations you are leading at. Can you share with us?

Arun : The current projects under DMF include small time post production jobs for a kannada feature film. In Ants the responsibilities are huge as presently we are in the process of revamping the whole organization with the new management coming in.

Backstage Pass is the realization of a long standing dream for Mr.Surya. He is an alumnus of Vancouver Film School, Canada, in the Department of 3D Animation and Visual Effects. He has over 7 years of work experience in the Animation/Visual Effects industry. He worked as the Lead Animator for various films, including ANJI, which won the National award for Best Visual Effects. He also worked as a Team Lead at Innova Solutions, handling projects for gaming, and documentaries (History Channel). His work as a Technical Director in developing Visual Effects for a “Folklore” project from Canada won two prestigious awards and got screened at Cannes in 2007 and as well as at Shocker Fest International Film Festival - 2007, California.

We had an opportunity to explore ‘Backstage Pass – The school of Gaming’ through its Managing Director Mr. Surya with this small interview.

Exploring ‘Backstage Pass’ – The School of Gaming!

Having more than a decade of experience in Animation Industry Mr. Prince Paikattu transforms his expertise and passion through a well crafted animation training studio ‘Vrisksha’ and caters production requirements through ‘ Vaudeville Studios’. Prince is well known for his character designs & animations. He is one of the very few creators who express and experiment animation through sand. He had also conducted several live performances using sand animation.

Prince shares his experiences and views exclusively here for CG Today readers.

Prince Paikattu