CG Today : Mr. Sreyans, you are one of those people, for whom the call of destiny came very early. You were Best Outgoing Student of the Year in Visual Communication at University of Madras. What was your early inspiration and why did you decide on visual communication as a career path?

Sreyans : You mean the best out going student in the college and a university rank holder. Smile I loved doing what I did and was really passionate about my work - honestly, I never aimed for a university rank. I was surprised when I came to know I got one! Why I chose visual communication is a long story – let’s just say that the right (read creative) side of the brain took over the left – at the right time.

CG Today : Not only at the workplace where you juggle resources and show exceptional interpersonal skills while keeping the creative aspect of the work in perspective, you also maintain real work-life balance by enjoying your penchant for poetry and photography. Your personal blog is ample demonstration of your talent. How did you do this balancing act so successfully?

Sreyans : This balance is not an act for me; it is simply an expression of who I am. I have immense penchant for creativity and everything just seems to fall into place around that in various different forms.

CG Today : Project managing at a place full of creative artists with individual styles of working – how easy or difficult is it to get involved in projects and keep everyone happy, including the management? Do you have any tips for others who are aspiring for a similar role in their careers?

Sreyans : Artists or not – every individual is unique and the truth of life is that you cannot always keep everyone happy. However, trust, honesty and transparency can make a lot of difference. Everyone should be made to feel accountable for each project and a part of the success story that follows. My tip per say would be - work with people rather than forcing work from them. Respect everyone and try to know who they are. Project management will ensue automatically.



CG Today : Lastly, for someone in the VFX industry, what was your favourite project, involving visual effects that you have been involved in and why?

Sreyans : “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” was one of our first projects and it will always be one of my favourites. Knowing that we have played a role in collaborating something that thousand and thousands of people will view for many years to come in a major theme park like Universal Studios is immensely satisfying.

CG Today : Mr. Sreyans, thank you for sharing your experiences with us and our readers would be definitely enriched by reading about your exploits in your career. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Sreyans : Thanks very much.


Sreyans Bardia - Director of India Operations and Head of Production

Bot VFX, Chennai.

Website: BOTvfx | Blog

e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Mr. Anukul Kukade is a project director at Maya Entertainment Limited and has an industry experience in excess of 12 years. During this time, he has worked in various capacities including that of a senior graphics designer, 3D artist and HOD of lighting for international animated work. Mr. Anukul has also garnered experience in marketing Digital devices and media along with mobile entertainment and interactive games.

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