Creating Animated Content Needs More Ideas than Money, Says Mark Eyers

In the afternoon session on Challenges of Creating Animated Content from Asia Pacific for Global Distribution at Powai Room, participants discussed the ways and means of developing new story ideas and characters catering to the tastes of both domestic and global audiences while maintaining a balanced approach.

Among other the discussion was participated by Colin Burrows, MD, Special treats Production Company, Ms Clare Wise, Executive Vice President, International Production, Universal Pictures International, Mr Vikram Malhotra, COO, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures,Mr Siddharth Roy Kapur, CEO, Motion Pictures, UTV and Mr. Shailesh Rao, Head, Media & Platform, Japan and Asia Pacific, Google.

Speaking on the need to make Indian animation relevant to the global audience Frank Foster, senior director COO said, "Film making is a collaborative medium, no matter what country you are in IP is a luxury. We have to sustain our business with various verticals".

There were some disagreements about the means to be adopted to infuse capital in the Asia – Pacific. While Mark Eyers COO of Turner wanted the film makers to tie with broadcasters, Mr.Panicker rejected the idea saying it does not work.

However, Mark argued that one needs to keep developing and developing and have more ideas than money.

At the panel discussion the participants spoke about the demands of global distributors regarding content produced in the Asia-Pacific region.

VFX Changing the Way Films Are Made, Says Michel Fink

At the first day evening session, Oscar winner and VFX guru, Michael Fink, enthralled the audience with his audio-visual presentation of the mysteries behind modern 3D VFX shots. He showed to the audience the transitions and growth in the VFX and visual arts space in the last 2000 years.

Further explaining the changes that have come about in VFX technology, he told the audience that if the movie Brave Heart which had 36 VFX shots is to be made today, it will have 1200 VFX shots.

During the course of his key note address on the subject of production of VFX shots, Michael Fink said, "If you understand what has happened in the past, you have easier time dealing with the future."

India Is AT Forefront of Global VFX Work, Says Darby

Mr. Charles Darby of EyeQube Studios made his mesmerizing presentation on Global Film Making- How the VFX Industry is changing how we make films. He explained the need to coordinate and create films across multiple locations, outsourcing, creative challenges and the fast changing faces of VFX industry.

Mr. Darby who began his career as a matte painter 17 years ago also pointed out how VFX houses and film studios are reacting to the change in the way of making films which is propelled by public demand for more of VFX types of shots. Indian money is funding international films and there is good quality of VFX work coming out of the country, Mr. Darby informed.

As long as story is the heart of the film, VFX will continue to embellish and stylize films and make impossible possible in films and there is an enviable chance every time that we might do something new, he remarked.

The events on the inaugural day focused on aspects such as news television and how it can stay ahead in the competition with web pages, digital cinema and innovative film marketing strategies.

India and China Can Collaborate As Partners in Creative Pursuits, Says Lee

Media and entertainment potential of China and India was the focus of the concluding session of the day. It was perhaps for the first time a serious effort was made by the entertainment industry to know each other since the two emerging nations grew in to an economic power houses ready to take on the world.

Mr. Brendan Harkin, Founder, X Media Lab explained the purpose behind the session aptly called as China – India: Connecting Our Creative Industries. He said, it is the beginning of the long-term and important task of assessing the possibilities of mutually beneficial opportunities, co-operation, and understanding.

Speaking at the session Johnchill Lee said, "Indian Animation is more International and modern and hence we are here and looking for partners to work together".

Professor Qi Yong Feng, Senior researcher, NDRC, Mr Johnchill Lee, Executive Director, ASIFA, Professor Yang Jun and other participated in the session which also gave the both sides an opportunity to make personal acquaintances with leading figures in the industry. Yong’s university is reportedly working in close partnership with various Asian and European academies to know more about Indian culture.

Charles Wang spoke about a Film Making System Based on Next Generation Computer Architecture which he has developed and promised to share the system with Indian companies.