Autodesk LogoDuring SIGGRAPH 2011, Autodesk, Inc. will showcase its Digital Entertainment Creation (DEC) technology both in Vancouver (booth #429, West Building), and on AREA at

Presentations by experts from Autodesk and industry leaders -- including Pixar Animation Studios, Electronic Arts and Microsoft -- will demonstrate how Autodesk's modern pipeline solutions help artists create more believable characters, tell better stories and deliver more realistic results.

Modern Pipeline Demonstrations & Presentations

At the Autodesk booth #429, Autodesk and a variety of guests will offer modern pipeline demonstrations and presentations on a number of new production techniques and topics:

  • Virtual production techniques for larger-scale productions, as well as low-budget projects with Microsoft Kinect
  • Redimensionalization of planar (2D) imagery for stereographic projection
  • 3D motion graphics workflows in conjunction with Adobe and Autodesk Smoke 2012
  • Advanced games authoring, featuring Project Skyline real-time, interactive character animation with live linking to the game engine

Guest presentations will be offered by Jay Shuster (Pixar Animation Studios); Kevin Wittkopf and Geoff Richardson (Microsoft Kinect/Triangle Productions); Nolan Murtha and Richard Baneham (Lightstorm Entertainment); Chris Edwards (The Third Floor Inc.); Frederick Fowles (Rainmaker Entertainment); Jeremy McCarron, Brad Oleksy and Troy Thibodeau (Electronic Arts); Justin Denton (HALON Entertainment); and Damian Nenow (Platige Image Film Studio). Autodesk and NVIDIA will also co-present a future technology demonstration of cloud-based rendering services.


Beginning Aug. 9, Autodesk will also offer virtual SIGGRAPH activities on AREA, the Autodesk digital entertainment and visualization community, at This will include AREA TV programming, with live streaming of booth presentations, free Autodesk MasterClasses and interviews with industry experts from the show floor offered in conjunction with Animation World Network.

Education & Training

The following four free online MasterClasses will be available on AREA during and after SIGGRAPH:

  • Using 3ds Max in the Realm of Visual Effects, by Joe Gunn, 3D visual effects artist and trainer, Joegunn3d
  • Next-Gen 3D Head Creation: Modeling, Rigging and Animation with the Entertainment Creation Suite, by Laurent M Abecassis, president, Di-O-Matic, Inc.
  • Live Animation Binding, by Mark Jackson, lead technical supervisor, Eurocom Entertainment
  • Animating Animals: Tips and Tricks to Animating Believable Animal Characters in a Live Action Feature, William Groebe, animation supervisor, Tippett Studio

Autodesk will also host a number of previously announced events for students and educators. Visit the Education and Training page on AREA for more information.

SketchBook Creations

Throughout the show, Autodesk will also display art created with Autodesk SketchBook software on the Autodesk AREA page and at the Autodesk booth. SketchBook creations may be submitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .