Huey, Riley, and Granddad have been holed up in Woodcrest for a while now.... but for viewers of The Boondocks, it probably feels much, much longer. The long-awaited and much discussed return of the award-winning animated program again drew positive ratings results and the usual online media push during its broadcast earlier this year on Adult Swim. In the meantime, little has changed for the three new Woodcrest residents: Huey still claims a disinterest regardless of his mastery of socio-political undercurrents; Riley still quests to bank and scam at every turn; and Robert "granddad" Freeman is still trying to live the life of someone only half his age. Now, the third season of The Boondocks enters the home video market, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
After going on hiatus for a couple years, The Boondocks returned to Adult Swim with new episodes earlier this year. The animated series, based on Aaron McGruder's now-defunct comic strip of the same name, has often blessed its followers with repeated teasings and tauntings of the cultures and politics that qualify the most basic instincts of modern suburbia. Sony, a co-producer of the series, is doubtlessly planning a fourth season to follow-up The Boondocks' successful return to the limelight. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has since planned the DVD Set release of the Third Season for November 06th ($49.95).

One would think that with all the convenience store robberies, manufactured tales of decades-old civil rights heroism, and street fights involving old people, the civilians of Woodcrest would have learned by now to have stayed far away from the Freemans. Of course, entering this most recent batch of episodes proves this isn't the case.

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