Wonders of the Solar System“Wonders of the Solar System” is again in limelight for its stellar performance at 2011 The TeleVisual Bulldog Awards night. The BBC’s “Wonders of the solar system” is a 5 episode 40 minutes documentary series that makes the planets in our solar system alive on the screen for the viewers to enjoy the realistic experience of the universe. The series was nominated in two categories – “The Digital and Physical FX” and “Documentary series” and it stood first in both the categories.

Prime Focus - the Indian based Animation studio is the name behind the success of the series. The in-house Broadcast VFX creative team of 40 members at Prime took 12 months to create the animated visuals of “wonders of the solar system” which is based on real pictures captured by the lenses of Cassini and Hubbles. Simon Clarke, the head of the VFX Broadcast team at Prime Focus said that the series took a lot of hard work and R&D on the team’s part as too many technological parameters were linked in the making of the series. He applauded for the talent and enthusiasm of his team in bringing such recognition. Simon Briggs, Managing Director, Prime Focus, UK was delighted for being recognized by the industry in the form of nominations and awards.

PRIME FOCUS – the animation studio was nominated in the Best Post Production House category for the Broadcast Awards 2011.The series prior to TeleVisual Bulldog Awards was nominated at 2011 New York Festivals TV and Films Awards and have won a Gold Medal for the Best Special Effects. The documentary was also been nominated in the visual effects category at the 2011 BAFTA Television Craft Awards.