Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Release Date: March 5th 2010
Platform: Xbox360/PS3/PC

The original Bad Company was a good game. I didn’t think it was particularly great, with the destructible environments providing some great gameplay moments and visual treats, but the campaign bored and frustrated me enough that I didn’t even complete it. That said, I liked the multiplayer in Bad Company 1, and therefore thought I would see how Bad Company 2 had been improved from its predecessor.


Bad Company 2 is a well presented game. From the beginning, you will realise that it’s also a very pretty game, boasting improved visuals and great draw distances. The campaign is a lot more epic in scope, and while it’s a relatively good storyline, it feels slightly under par when compared to the cinematic and tense campaign of its immediate competitor, Modern Warfare. The game tries to do too much to feel concise. Its not focused enough to really suck the player into the tension they are trying to achieve, and while the epic sequences like flying a helicopter or driving a tank are very satisfying, it misses out on what makes a game feel genuinely tense.

That is not to say that this a bad story, it isn’t, it just feels as if the developers have missed out on what they were most trying to convey to the player. As well as the slightly missed opportunity, the campaign is pretty short, clocking in at around 6-8 hours depending on the difficulty you play. It will be slightly disappointing for those who have bought this game solely for the single player experience, as it is relatively brief.

The characters from Bad Company 1 return in full, dysfunctional force. I really enjoyed the lighthearted banter that occurs between the squad members in Bad Company 1, and was glad to see that it has been improved on here. There are some great lines from each character that really made me laugh, and it adds a personality to the game that isn’t often seen in shooter titles.

As I said, Bad Company 2 is a really good-looking game. You are often treated to some fantastic vistas that stretch on for miles, and every little detail is really integral to the immersion of the game. You are thrown into varying environments from jungles to deserts to town battle scenes, as well as a great sequence in a frozen plateau where you have to make sure you don’t stay outside to long to avoid freezing to death. It’s also a good job that the Frostbite game engine ensures that there are no visual hiccups, or frame rate drops.

The audio work in this game is absolutely mind-blowing. Never have I been more blown away by a grenade explosion or gunfire. It really explodes through your speakers and gives you the feeling that the guns you’re firing can really do some damage. Along with the strong, characteristic voice acting and original score, the audio is top notch.

As with all the games in the Battlefield series, multiplayer is a real focus in Bad Company 2. It boasts some epic battle sequences and some great game modes. You choose load outs as you spawn, and then work towards perk upgrades for each of these. Perks are pretty much the same as they are in Call of Duty, and there are also perks for vehicles. The game modes include the standard deathmatch, rush mode and a mode called conquest, which consists of taking various points across the maps to earn points. There are some great maps, which are tailored to each game, so you can have a small map, or a huge map that’s really suitable for massive battles. Its also 24player online, and relies really heavily on squad tactics, which can be really satisfying if you’re playing with a group of friends. Overall the multiplayer is a really strong mode, which outweighs that of the single player, and while it may not be enough to contend with the giant bar set by Call of Duty, it is definitely a worthy contender for those looking for a break from the CoD series.


Overall, Bad Company 2 is a good game that does many things right, but doesn’t feel groundbreaking or remarkable enough to be something to recommend to everyone. It definitely improves on the foundations of Bad Company 1, and those who love both Battlefield and online shooters will find something to like here. Great visuals and phenomenal sound effects are let down by a weak story and contrived presentation issues which lead Bad Company 2 to seem something of a missed opportunity.


Presentation: 7

A short storyline misses the focus that it seems to try to engage, and this leads the game to feeling a little unremarkable.

Gameplay: 8

Great shooting mechanics ensure that the multiplayer is engaging and enjoyable

Visuals: 9

Fantastic visuals make for a very pretty game

Audio: 9

Phenomenal sound effects and good score work that will make your speakers shudder

Lasting Appeal: 8

For those who will only play the single player, you will almost definitely be disappointed, but for the multiplayer side of things, there is the possibility of hours of game time.