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Game: Halo 3
Release Date: September 26th 2007
Platform: Xbox360

To say I wasn’t originally disappointed with Halo 2 would be a massive understatement. I finished the game on launch day within an extremely short space of time. I was left with a frustrating cliffhanger and a depressing 3-year wait until the trilogy’s epic finale. While I eventually found endless hours of comfort in the brilliant online offering of Halo 2, the series latest edition has no such problem when it comes to disappointment with the campaign. This is the final act you were waiting for.

Game: Bioshock
Release Date: 24th August 2007 (Europe)
Platform: Xbox 360/PS3

Bioshock is a very special game. As soon as you step foot in the underwater city of Rapture, you will realise that you will have a hard time escaping again. Throughout the course of the game you will meet some of the most interestingly disturbing, as well as engage in one of the best plots I have seen in a game. This is a great, compelling adventure that sets the bar for storytelling in gaming.