Bubble Trolls iPhone, iPad games at Apple App Store

US Based Broken Switch Studios has launched their new iOS title Bubble Trolls on the Apple App Store. iPhone and iPod touch versions are 99c; the iPad version is $1.99. Also, a free Lite version is available.

Bubble Trolls is a physics-based arcade-style game where the player must help a Troll travel downstream to his home via a Bubble Taxi. The player creates ripples by tapping the water to move the bubble past a myriad of hazards determined to pop the bubble or eat the Troll. Players are aided along the way with power-ups that make the bubble harder to pop or float in the air. "Bubble Trolls is a fun game that will have you tapping and laughing. The levels are deceptively easy at first but quickly turn you into a tapping fiend," said Broken Switch's Creative Director Bernard Moore. "We built a game that we are proud of and we enjoy playing."

"The game play and increasing levels of difficulty are designed to be a big hit with both new and experienced gamers," said Amiel Bent, Managing Director, Stanford
Venture Advisors, and co-investor. "The Broken Switch team members are true gamers. They have created an exciting iOS game with many classic game play features."

Bubble Trolls features: 25 levels; 20 achievements; classic action arcade game play; Game Center; and fun for any age.