Zynga Launches First Mobile Game in Multiple Languages

Zynga's CityvilleZynga announced the launch of CityVille Hometown, the company’s first mobile game offered in French, Italian, German and Spanish. A completely new game, CityVille Hometown has familiar game elements players know and love from CityVille but with a unique, small town twist. New residents will embark on adventures to create a bustling town, invite friends and in-game characters to be neighbors, and build out their communities. As early as this week, CityVille Hometown will be available in English in Canada via the Apple App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and will be available globally in five languages in the coming weeks.

CityVille Hometown introduces players to characters Bert and his mother Gilda who welcome players and show them the basics of building a community. Kate, the friendly resident community manager will help players navigate their new hometown so they can begin to build, decorate, and for the first time - choose and name the citizens who will help them complete quests. The more players interact with the characters in their town, the more they will learn about their stories and help them achieve their own goals – a true community at work.

CityVille Hometown enables players to build their community of residents on the go and gives them access to their Facebook friends who play CityVille. Friends that play and connect on CityVille Hometown can swap resources and energy and send and receive special limited edition items if they prove to be exemplary citizens.

Zynga strives to provide its players with the best mobile social game experience possible anytime and anywhere. With a familiar look and playing experience to CityVille on Facebook, CityVille Hometown will offer players the chance to connect with friends on-the-go through building and customizing their towns and sharing resources. CityVille Hometown is the second mobile game to be launched this month following the roll-out of Hanging With Friends last week – the next game from the Zynga With Friends studio that adds a new twist to the classic game of Hangman.

CityVille Hometown will be available soon as a free download from the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, or at www.iTunes.com/AppStore.