Get in to gear and wait for the green light… Nordic Games is bringing you the ride of your life

Nordic Games - Jungle KartzNordic Games Publishing has today announced Jungle Kartz, one of its first games to be released in America, following the announcement of a brand new office in the US. Jungle Kartz will also be released simultaneously in PAL territories.

An arcade racing game, Jungle Kartz for Wii is an exhilarating race across 32 tracks including, Tropic Bay, Rift River Valley, Ra Desert plus many more. Designed for all ages, players can take on a variety of racing challenges – for a quick race there’s Blast mode, race against time in Scramble or battle friends in Tournament mode.

Join the eight fun-loving animal characters in this driving adventure – each of which has a home track to suit their personal special ability which gives them a track advantage. Sass the Tigress has guided mines will take out the vehicle in front and Rocky the Coyote can splat other players screens with goo causing them to spin out of control.

“Jungle Kartz has a real competitive edge but remains playful with a variety of cute jungle characters,” says Nik Blower, sales and marketing director, Nordic Games. “This party racing game will be a firm family favourite.”

Each element of the game has been uniquely crafted so that players can choose a character and kart that suits their driving style. Vehicles range from light rapid karts to big powerful speed machines. Players are offered an abundance of power ups to throw in their opponent’s way, which adds to this addictive challenge – utilising the speed boost, time warp, guns, rockets, spider webs, ice puddles and more.  Each obstruction presents players with a heightened challenge: ‘can you complete it?’

Exclusively to Wii, Nordic Games also offers the Nordic Steering Wheel, the perfect accompiment to any racing experience and fully compatible with all leading racing titles.

Jungle Karts is developed by Brain in a Jar, an independent UK software developer, specialising in racing games.