skiller Logo sdk for androidSkiller, a leading provider of social mobile gaming platforms, has released its Android SDK, which introduces new abilities for Android mobile games developers. With Skiller's SDK, developers are now able to introduce new social dimensions to their existing and upcoming games.

The Skiller platform currently hosts millions of games sessions each month, with players from more than 200 countries. It introduced its users to a truly social gaming experience over mobile phones, and is currently supporting J2ME, Android and Blackberry phones. The Skiller platform allows gamers to play and fully interact with each other using a large variety of social features (such as messaging, leader-boards, personal profile, avatars and more). Using Skiller SDK, developers can now enable players to play with opponents from all over the world or compare their high scores in intriguing tournaments, all in the same social environment.

The integration with Skiller SDK is simple and creates more traction and longer game retention. This results in new revenue streams generated using the "Skiller coins economy," where users can earn or buy coins, combined with a virtual items store offering a wide range of mobile goods or in-game items, all available using the Skiller SDK.

"Skiller has identified and implemented the hottest trend in mobile gaming, and what gamers are looking for - the ability to play and interact with other players through a ubiquitous platform," said Nir Orpaz, CEO of Skiller. "By using Skiller's Android SDK, developers are now able to easily add social elements to their existing games and join the ever growing Skiller community."

The Skiller SDK along with Skiller's social cloud is offered free to game developers.

A skillful Tic Tac Toe game based on Skiller's Android SDK can be downloaded from the Android market. The game's source code, which is available within the SDK, demonstrates the simplicity of developing multi-player & social games with Skiller's SDK.

Developers interested in learning more about the Skiller SDK should visit the developer's webpage.