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Rising Star Games today announced the latest in the Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar, will be released in the PAL market this year. Featuring an all new bazaar system alongside improved farming and relationship mechanics, Harvest Moon once again takes the lead in the popular farming genre. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar will be available for the Nintendo DS in 2011.

The Harvest Moon story continues in Zephyr Town where there was once a world famous bazaar and shoppers from distant lands would gather to purchase goods. Unfortunately, the bazaar has now fallen into despair and very few visitors come to the weekly gathering. You have recently moved to Zephyr Town to take over the run-down farm on the outskirts of town and hopefully, with your hard work, the town’s bazaar will be revitalised and become great once again!

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar has all the classic Harvest Moon gaming features with extras, including:

  • Windmills to let you combine ingredients to make goods to sell at the Bazaar
  • A new jump movement lets players jump up hills and over streams
  • The horse race festival returns
  • Own multiple pets to work your farm

With ten new characters and all new crops, players can connect with friends over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection: shopping at their bazaar, helping their farming or go fishing in their streams.

“Harvest Moon is Rising Star Games’ flagship brand – we have successfully released more than a dozen Harvest Moon titles,” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “With a legacy spanning over twenty years, this is the series that started the farming genre. We will continue the success of this great series with the release of Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar for the Nintendo DS in 2011.”

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is to be released in the PAL market in 2011, courtesy of Rising Star Games.