Vk Vijaykanthan has worked for Durrant Info Links, Ltd., was a Graphic Designer for Prasad Video Digital, performed as a 3D Artist at Pentamedia Graphics, Ltd.; served as a 3D Artist at Shy Communication, Ltd., was a Team Leader at Jadoo Works and was a Creative Team Leader at Digital Juice. He is, currently, a Lighting Supervisor at Pixion, CCL. Vijaykanthan graduated from the University of Madras.

VK VijayakanthanCG Today : Welcome to CG Today, Mr. Vijayakanthan.

Vijay : Hi Gebby glad to meet you.

CG Today : You are currently Lighting Supervisor at Pixion, CCL, one of the fastest-growing entertainment services companies in India. One of Pixion's many high-caliber clients, Discovery Networks, India, has said that the teams at Pixion."think outside of the box". Is this one of the reasons you were drawn to this studio?

Vijay : Pixion is a pioneer in entertainment industry for more than 10 years already and they have many other verticals under Century communication. I feel proud to work in this company for the CG Department not just because of its fame but also because they always have an eye for quality and innovative sense on each and every project they work with. Though we work in different parts of India we still are in a same track with both pipe and creativity.

CG Today : What project has been your favorite since you began your tenure with Pixion?

Vijay : My favorite is Maha Yodha Rama, trailers have been released and they have got a good review and expectation as well.



CG Today : You were the CG Lighting Supervisor (Pixion, Chennai) on Toonpur Ka Super Hero, India's first live action - 3D animation, combination feature film. Tell us about this experience, if you will.

Vijay : It was really an amazing experience with so many characters interacting with a live action character which is first of its kind in India. While we were working on the project, we felt that it would be a great hit in the market and it proved it as well.

CG Today : What are some of the considerations that a Lighting Supervisor must take when deciding how to light a specific scene?

Vijay : First of all as a lighting Supervisor rather than the techniques we should know the mood of the particular scene which plays a vital role. Techniques may change from time to time and they are getting easier in every new version, but when the mood is made appealing, we win the hearts. We, in Pixion get a clear idea from the Creative directors or the clients and proceed by improvising the feel for it. There is always a deadline given, but within the given time the challenge is to prove ourselves in the best possible way. I always follow the rule that client is your king who has to get fully satisfied and when the chance is given we can prove our creativity. The best part is, even the clients also know about our expertise and give us the full freedom for our creations.

CG Today : Are you involved in other areas of animation and film-making than the lighting component?

Vijay : I am very much involved in compositing because without that we will not be able to get the output as desired. Though the lighting looks great in 3D it is always the Post which enhances it more and refines the output to make it consistent for the whole show. So I always have a hand on compositing too.

CG Today : You have a passion for photography, as well, according to your website. Tell us more about your love of photography.

Vijay : I love Photography which complements my profession too. I love nature and patterns, when exposed in proper lighting look adorable to the eyes. I always use the line in my Photographs “Passed by those great moments happening every day, Paused is only this” because in this wonderful world there are always great moments happening around us, but only a few can be captured.


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