A commerce graduate with modern management skills, Muthu Raman started his career as a Digital Artist at CompuDyne. His management skills and detailed knowledge on production management have opened up several opportunities including his services at Whizworks, Maya Entertainment Ltd, Ittina Animation Studios, Saanra till Anibrain. Being an expert in production management, today Muthu Raman serves as an independent animation VFX production consultant in parallel working with Anibrain Technologies.

CG Today had an opportunity to invite Mr. Muthuraman. A (alias) Muthu for a short interview with us.

Muthuraman. A - Animation & VFX Production Consultant.


CG Today : Its great to have you today for an interview Mr.Muthu, how are you?

Muthu : Doing fine. Thanks for asking.

CG Today : A commerce graduate started as a digital artist! Very contradictive; how it happened?

Muthu : Right from childhood, I loved watching special effect movies and cartoons. I am at peace watching these shows. I took up an Animation Masters from Gates Academy Bangalore and since then there is no looking back.

CG Today : Can you list out the type of projects you have worked (Television, Home Video, Film, Games, and commercials)?

Muthu : Initially, I had started working for corporate presentations, Architectural Walkthroughs, Web site designs etc.

My next step was to VFX in Koi Mil gaya, Boys, Magic Ajji (Kannada), Kanakambari (Kannada).

After which I moved on to Maya entertainment Ltd which gave me my first break “The Tale of Jack Frost” and two Cinematics for Neopets.

At Ittina I managed a Disney Series “My friend Tigger and Pooh” and Nickelodeon series “Back at the Barnyard”, a few ads and a few shots in the X-Men Origins “Wolverine”.

At Sanraa Media, I had the chance of managing “The 99” a super hero series based on a well know middle east comic book from Teshkeel (Project ongoing)

And now couple of months back, we have finished the VFX production of 135 stereoscopic shots of Resident Evil – Afterlife at Anibrain.

I specialize in Managing Animation and VFX shows… be it series or features.



CG Today : Most of your career you have been a Line producer / Production Manager, on what type of projects you like to work best?

Muthu : -same as above-

CG Today : Can you name any project that you have enjoyed a lot working on it?

Muthu : I have enjoyed all project I have worked for.

Most interesting of all the projects was “Jack Frost”, Cinematics from Neopets “Taladorian Legends” and “Wand of Wishing”, Disney Series “My friend Tigger and Pooh”, Nick series “ Back at the Barnyard”, “The 99”, “Resident Evil-Afterlife”

CG Today : What are the actual responsibilities of a production manager in animation projects?

Muthu : A production manager is a Liaison between the client and the company, he Communicate client’s requirement to the technical and creative teams. Monitors projects and ensures that deadlines are met. Facilitates coordination’s among team members; Mentors the Production Coordinators.

CG Today : Which project was most challenging, why?

Muthu : All projects worked were equally challenging. It’s learning from Mistakes that helps me and the team grows.

CG Today : What kind of qualification or experiences required being a production manager?

Muthu : An MBA graduate would be ideal and 5 years of relevant work experience in the industry.

CG Today : Thou production managers duty is not to provide creative inputs, and since most of the production managers are with creative background; is there any circumstances you faced a conflict between the manager and the creator inside you?

Muthu : Yes, I had this conflict when I first jumped into managing a show from working as an artist. But later on, seeing the bigger picture, I realized that as managers, we must focus on managing the show and generate business sense to the show with pure focus, determination and diplomatic communication with creative talents and clients.

CG Today : Every producer is mostly in a situation to create their own methodology of executing the project, can you give a brief about how you plan?

Muthu : I breakdown jobs to various tasks and sub-tasks and estimate the man-day’s involved in each of the tasks and add sufficient buffer. The cost per man-day will also include every overhead spent for the show. This will help us know the budget before we start the show. Using this budget as a foundation, we move further ahead and deploy resources as required to meet our target delivery dates. Delivery dates are determined by factors like Clients Edit dates, Resources and Inputs.

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