Watch Blu-ray 3D Movies on Your PC Without Glasses!

Arcsoft Total Media 5

ArcSoft, Inc., the world-leading multimedia software provider, announced today that its best-selling multimedia player, ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre 5, is now integrated with Spatial View’s innovative auto-stereo 3D solution, the 3DeeScreen, allowing users to view glasses-free 3D on standard laptops. The Spatial View 3DeeScreen combines the 3DeeLens and mounting frame with eye tracking software to enable auto-stereo 3D viewing using ArcSoft’s TotalMedia Theatre 5 on a standard laptop. The 3DeeScreen includes a lenticular screen that easily attaches and detaches to the laptop display, calibration software to provide a simple set-up process for the customer, and an eye-tracking feedback system that perfectly aligns 3D images, in real-time, with your eye position to produce the optimal 3D viewing experience.

"More than ever, users are watching their 3D movie collection on their PCs," said George Tang, ArcSoft Vice President and General Manager of Video and Home Entertainment Group. “By integrating Spatial View’s technology, we can now deliver an even more convenient, relaxed, and satisfying viewing experience.”

“We believe that offering a way to watch 3D movies and digital content without special glasses could revolutionize the multimedia industry and dramatically increase 3D adoption,” said Ihor Petelycky, GM of Core Technology and Applications at Spatial View. “This offering is Spatial View’s response to the need for a flexible and low cost solution to stereoscopic 3D playback.”