Audio Engine Delivers Captain Morgan's Commercial SpotsAudioEngine's Partner/Mixer Tom Goldblatt recently wrapped the first spot of the rollout for Captain Morgan's newest high profile multimedia campaign, "To Life, Love and Loot" via agency Anomaly and editorial company Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Long known for its old Got A Little Captain In You? campaign and tagline, the rum brand has completely revamped its approach and created a new, pumped-up campaign titled To Life, Love and Loot. The sleek tongue-in-cheek spot, directed by Oscar winner Tom Hooper ("The King's Speech"), was shot off the coast of Spain and features two galleons about to engage in a maritime battle.

In the spot, the Captain is shown resting below deck when he awakens to commotion above, as the slow build of adrenaline in the music composition by Pull Music sets in. The Captain appears from below and steps to walk the plank to an attentive audience on both vessels, then performs a perfectly executed and complicated dive to thunderous applause from both sides, ending with him and the other ship's crew celebrating happily together and ceasing to fight. This 76 second piece can be viewed on the Captain Morgan Website, and the spots Dive (:30 and :60) and Ride Home (:15 and :30) are airing. The campaign will end with an additional television spot, Glass (:30 and:60), which is slated to air soon.

Producer Jessie Meade noted that because of Goldblatt's longstanding relationship with both Anomaly and Rock, Paper, Scissors, it was the ideal job for audioEngine: "Andrew and Tom work very well together, which really helped as there was such a tight schedule on this job. In fact, to meet the tight deadline, they ended up working on the web version till 2am the day of the actual web launch."

"Besides the fact that I always love working with everyone from Anomaly and RPS, I was very excited to meet and work with Tom Hooper as well, who was very involved with the final audio mix as well," said Tom Goldblatt. "He was very down to earth, and fostered a great give-and-take of ideas, which I really think is reflective of the final mix."

In addition to completing the web spot, the company completed the three radio spots, and is slated to work on the TV spots.