DDB Mudra's Philips Grooming RangeJohn Abraham's new commercial for Philips Grooming Range has been delivered by Prime Focus. The commercial was created by DDB Mudra and produced by John Abraham Entertainment Pvt. Ltd with ace director Tarun Mansukhani. It highlights the special features of the Philips Grooming Range, and has John Abraham as the central character playing five different characters simultaneously.

The main challenge was to capture the five different characters of John Abraham in one frame while they are talking, moving around, and talking to each other. It was very important that the interaction between them appeared in sync and as seamless as possible. The commercial was shot with a normal conventional 35mm camera. After each shot, the camera was locked so that John could prepare himself for the next character. John had to enact his part for each character keeping in mind the position of the other four characters and ensure that they did not overlap each other. On-set compositing and technical help was required to match eye levels between the characters.

Towards the end of the commercial, the ease with which the consumer can change their styling is depicted through the constantly changing looks of John in a mug shot which seamlessly morphs through the different styles.

As well as these shots, the entire set and background of New York City was created in CG.