Director Derin Seale Joins MothershipDerin Seale has joined the growing roster of directors at Mothership, the hybrid production company of Digital Domain. Originating from a family of filmmakers, the self-confessed escapist has extensive experience in Hollywood and in directing high profile, international ad campaigns.

Seale joins Mothership from Radical Media where he directed campaigns for BMW, Pepsi, Playstation, LG, Nissan, Honda and other top brands. His short film, Static, was featured on Shots' New Directors Showcase and set the ball rolling for Seale in the commercial realm. An industry veteran who directed second unit on Anthony Minghella's feature film Cold Mountain, Seale's Hollywood experience includes both development and production.

"Derin has a fresh, optimistic approach to making commercials; he's enthusiastic and is definitely at a tipping point in his career," said Ed Ulbrich, President of Mothership and EVP of Digital Domain. "He's a director in the true sense of the word, not only from a photographic perspective but also innately understands how to get the most out of digital production tools."

"I'm very focused on the type of work I want to do and have a clear picture for where it's going," said Seale. "I see that same sensibility at Mothership; the people here have a great love of imagination and inspired work. Working with Mothership and Digital Domain opens up endless opportunities to create interesting stories and I look forward to telling those stories."