Eden FX Completes All VFX And CG Character Work On First Season of New Hit MTV Series "Teen Wolf"

Eden FX has completed the creation of all of the visual effects for the first season of the hit MTV dramatic series "Teen Wolf," including the finale of that series, which aired August 15th. John Gross, Creative Director, Eden FX, made the announcement.

For "Teen Wolf," Visual Effects Supervisor John Gross and his talented team at Eden FX have provided all of the VFX for the series, including a full CG character which has been incorporated into the on-going storyline. Eden has also created a variety of other visual effects for the series, ranging from simple wire removals and eye glows, to matte paintings and character transformations.

During the finale of "Teen Wolf," viewers were treated to over 190 amazing and dramatic visual effects shots completed by Eden FX in only three weeks. These included the climactic fiery destruction of the "Alpha Wolf." This Alpha Wolf fire sequence was created with a full CG Alpha character, along with CG fire and smoke, all lcomposited into live action production footage.

Said Gross, "The first season of 'Teen Wolf' has been a very rewarding series to work on. We've created the VFX for each of the season's 12 episodes and each episode has gotten more and more exciting, both in story and in the usage of the visual effects. We're excited to see what's in store for season two!"

"Teen Wolf" Executive Producer Jeff Davis, said, "John Gross and his team at Eden FX are without a doubt some of the top pros in the business of film and television visual effects. Not only have they gathered together an extraordinarily talented group of artists, but they are also some of the most consistently professional and pleasurable people with whom I've had the pleasure of working. From the creation of stampeding deer to rampaging werewolves, they've exceeded our expectations at every turn, and have more than proven themselves as superior creative partners."