Wilde weighs in on the visuals and fight scenes...

The long anticipated Tron sequel is coming in December, starring Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn), Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) and Olivia Wilde (Quorra)

Wilde spoke to IGN about the film
recently. Some highlights:

What she thinks of the footage she's seen: I knew it would be visually stunning, and I knew Joe's [Kosinski, director] plans for it. And Eric Barba [visual effects supervisor] and his whole team worked so hard on it. So I knew what they wanted to do with it. But it's even more stunning than I imagined. But there are certain elements that I hadn't taken into account when we were shooting. Things like the way they altered some of the voices, which I think is really interesting. Like when you hear the Black Guard programs talking to the other programs and their voices are warped. And then the Sirens, their voices are warped too. And that elements - just changing the sound in order to differentiate programs from users – was really interesting. And that was something new for me.

But the film overall is more beautiful than I imagined. And the texture of it keeps getting better. It's not finished yet, but each time I see pieces of it they're painted in more and more. And so it becomes more and more intricate. And I'm still just blown away by the CLU head. CLU, to me, if the most fascinating character in the movie.

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