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'Skyline' was met with a massive rush of negative reviews - and the producers have responded to the harsh criticism. Take a look at what they had to say.

The Strause Brothers are still trying to find their stride as filmmakers, but two major movies with mostly negative reviews puts them face to face with a rotten tomato. While they have yet to respond to the criticisms regarding Skyline, the film’s writer/producer combo Liam O’Donnell and Joshua Cordes spoke out recently on the topic.

Modern wedding films aren't tripods in the back of a room, they are works of art. Or at least they can be. Soaring aerial cinematography for weddings is the latest announcement from Higher Definition Media. Brides love it, a recent bride said, “We were privileged enough to be one of the first couples to experience the aerial cinematography and were absolutely amazed at the shots they captured!”

HDM has been looking for something to raise the bar on their projects, and after much research they decided that aerial cinematography was the next step.

The visual effects house on the recently released runaway train thriller Unstoppable has put the brakes to its operations. Santa Monica-based Asylum closed its doors on Wednesday (11/17), ending an 11-year run which saw it grow from a small boutique to a mid-sized visual effects company spanning high profile commercials and feature films.

Asylum's shuttering came as a surprise to many. The shop was busy, earned numerous accolades over the years, and had maintained enduring working relationships as exemplified by Unstoppable, the latest collaboration between director Tony Scott and Asylum executive creative director/owner/VFX supervisor Nathan McGuinness.

Gravity, an international creative, content and brand communications company, today announced the hire of Nic Seresin as VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame Artist, effective immediately.  In his new role, Seresin will lead VFX projects from conception through to completion, and continue to work with directors on shoots. He will also oversee the company's team of technical, artistic and production personnel.  He will report directly to Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer Zviah Eldar.

Asylum, a leading Santa Monica-based visual effects house, in on the verge of closing, according to several sources within the VFX community.

The company did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

Asylum, which opened roughly 11 years ago, has worked on big-budget features as well as TV commercials.