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"I needed to invent some new technology to make this film happen..." George Lucas on the genesis of "Star Wars."

Encore will air a special documentary on one of the most forward thinking filmmakers, George Lucas, and the creation of Industrial Light & Magic, created over 35 years ago.

Visual effects artists Colin and Greg Strause have toppled digital elephants in “300,”  aged Brad Pitt backward for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and cloned one actor into identical twins for “The Social Network.”

The brothers’ task on “Skyline” is perhaps more daunting: proving themselves as full-fledged independent filmmakers.

MARI 1.1 is now available on Windows

MARI was originally developed at Weta Digital to handle the exceedingly detailed look development and texture work demanded by Avatar. MARI copes easily with an obsessive level of detail – literally tens of thousands of textures – quickly and elegantly.

In another setback for a production that has been plagued with delays and spiraling costs, the organizers of the Broadway musical "Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark" said Thursday that the official opening day has been pushed back to Jan. 11 from a previously scheduled opening of Dec. 21.

"Spider-Man" is now set to begin preview performances at the Foxwoods Theatre in New York on Nov. 28, pushed back from Nov. 11. In a statement, Michael Cohl, the musical's producer, said, "shows like ours, that embrace the challenge of opening on Broadway without an out-of-town tryout, often need to adjust their schedules along the way."

SKYLINE the first Hollywood film under the alliance of Reliance BIG Pictures and IM Global will release on 12th November. The association between the two companies which was formed earlier this year will see its very first major film- SKYLINE, have a day and date release in US, UK and India.