Lightcraft Technology Previzion Camera Tracking

Lightcraft Technology, a developer of advanced visual effects technology for the film and television industries, announced the sale of a Previzion system to Wicked Liquid FX for use in multiple production projects including several infomercials. Lightcraft’s Previzion is a visual effects system that provides a combination of real time high precision camera tracking, sophisticated rendering, and VFX quality keying that makes it the ideal solution for use in on-set compositing of virtual backgrounds and CGI characters.

Wicked Liquid FX specializes in quality broadcast design, show titles, 3D animation, and visual effects. They purchased the Previzion system in order to expand into more complex special effects and animation projects as well as infomercial production. The Previzion system provides Wicked Liquid with the ability to use dynamic, moving camera shots with a minimal increase in production costs. They even have an onsite insert stage that includes a permanent set of Previzion tracking markers for film shoots and demos.

“Often due to budget constraints, when doing composite shots I need to have the camera locked down and limit the number of dolly or jib moves due to the added cost in having to solve the camera moves in post,” states Michael Rosenbrock, owner of Wicked Liquid. “By using Previzion I can give each director the option of creating more dynamic and complex camera moves on any given job with a minimal increase in overall post production costs. Previzion’s real time output enables them to see the completed shot with all the CGI elements in place while they are shooting the shot. This means that I say ‘yes’ to a director if they want to move the camera, or make changes to the composition of the live action with virtual elements and backgrounds during a shot when in the past the budget otherwise would have required me to say ‘no’.”

Rosenbrock continued:  “We have used the system for host segments on several infomercials, one of which covered over 8 minutes of moving camera tracked footage in a 30 minute spot. That would have been impossible on a normal infomercial budget. We have also finished VFX shots for a vehicle launch for Nissan, we did a live composite for a PSA, and are currently working on four upcoming VFX shots where a room transforms around a person. We also have used the system on several episodes for the Disney Channel. All of these projects have benefitted from using Previzion to both track the camera positions and provide the Director and Producers with real-time on-set preview of the completed VFX shots while in the process of shooting them.”