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Wonders of the Solar System“Wonders of the Solar System” is again in limelight for its stellar performance at 2011 The TeleVisual Bulldog Awards night. The BBC’s “Wonders of the solar system” is a 5 episode 40 minutes documentary series that makes the planets in our solar system alive on the screen for the viewers to enjoy the realistic experience of the universe. The series was nominated in two categories – “The Digital and Physical FX” and “Documentary series” and it stood first in both the categories.

DQE LogoDQE, the global entertainment production and distribution company declared its Financial Year 2011 results. The company announced a 14.5% rise in net profit. The profit for year ended in March 2011 is 305.48mn as against the profit realized for year ended in March 2010 was 266.72mn.

The revenue generated from the business of animation, gaming and VFX soared from last year’s 1.75 billion to 2.08 billion - an increase of 18.5%, along with which expense increased to 1.70 billion from last year’s 1.44 billion, still giving an operational profit that increased from last year’s 268.51mn to this year’s 369.23mn.

Wiztoonz LogoA free seminar on Apple Mac Final Cut Studio is organized by Bangalore based Wiztoonz academy of media and design on 21st May 2011 between 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM at Wiztoonz College premises.

The seminar will be addressed by Mr. Jagdish MP a veteran video editor (FCP) with more than 11 years of experience to his credit. Jagdish also have worked on various television channels like Asianet Suvarna, Doordarshan amongst others.

Jay ShusterLegendary Animation Guru, Jay Shuster, Art Director, Pixar Animation Studios is in India to address budding animators at the Seminar held by BIG AIMS (Animation Infotainment & Media School), a premier animation and VFX training academy of Reliance Animation. With rich experience of over a decade in handling movies like CARS 2, WALL.E, Star Wars prequels, etc, Jay will take the students through his experience on the projects he has worked on.

Feature Length Documentary From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Looks At Legendary New York City Basketball Team

Calabash Animation Logo"On The Shoulders of Giants" is a new documentary that looks the history of professional basketball through the prism of the Harlem Rens, a pioneering basketball team from the late 1930s, and features three key animated sequences created by Calabash Animation, Chicago. The film recently had premieres in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and is currently airing on pay-per-view in select markets.