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XONA Media introduces DVD+Digital movie kiosks now capable of delivering up to 15,000 titles on demand.

Xona Media introduces DVD and Digital Movie KiosksXONA Media, developer of the world’s only movie kiosk capable of both traditional disc retail as well as digital media downloads, announced today a breakthrough in the storage capacity of its Digital Vault for media kiosks – now with the capacity to securely store up to 15,000 full length movies and TV programs. This expanded capacity enables digital retailers to offer in-store libraries larger than the premium online streaming movie selection from Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. And with the XONA Instant Movie Download (XIMD) technology, every title is available for download in as little as 10 seconds.

Autodesk, Inc., announced Autodesk 123D software — a free* Windows-based 3D modeling application for makers combined with content and services — is now available in a public beta release for download by makers.

“The reality is most people don’t know how to design in 3D, nor do they know how to get their designs made”

With Autodesk 123D, anyone can explore, learn and create highly precise 3D models. Makers can bring ideas to reality by combining powerful digital design with services for creating physical objects. From both within the application and through the 123D website, individuals can discover and download content to start, Autodesk free windows-based 3D modeling 123D Appcomplete or visualize a project, and then access for-purchase personal fabrication services through Autodesk 123D partners. Makers can also purchase pre-fabricated products to explore 3D printing or assemble models from 2D laser cut materials like cardboard—the first of a variety of custom fabrication options coming soon to Autodesk123D.

Autodesk Education SuiteAutodesk, Inc., a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software announced its 2012 portfolio of software suites and free* curricula to help students learn core design and engineering skills. The new suites provide the same tools used by professionals and will make it easier for students to adopt and use a broader set of Autodesk’s comprehensive and sophisticated design software. The suites have a range of capabilities that bring together compatible sets of complementary products to help prepare students for successful careers in architecture, engineering and digital arts. Offered around the world, the suites are available in more than 10 languages, including English.

Mirada's interactive dreamlike creatures contribute to immersive music video experience produced by Google Creative Lab & for the track 'Black,' featuring Norah Jones.

Mirada LogoMirada has teamed up with director Chris Milk on an interactive music video experience called "3 Dreams of Black" for Danger Mouse and composer Daniele Luppi's Spaghetti Western-inspired concept album ROME. The album features Jack White and Norah Jones and will be released on the record label EMI. The promo for the track "Black," sung by Nora Jones, is built for Google Chrome and is an immersive, controllable game-like experience that transports fans into a surreal landscape where continually-morphing creatures -- created by Mirada -- spread life or destruction. "3 Dreams of Black" premieres May 12th at

Nandita ChaudhuriDuring the 54th Venice Biennale, 2011, Nandita Chaudhuri will be representing India with yet another prestigious foray at Venezia, Scoletta of San Giovanni Battista adjoining the church of the ninth century. The venue is located 10 minutes from San Marco, on the route leading to the gardens of the Biennale. The Venice Biennale is the world's most prestigious exhibition of Contemporary Art, having started in 1895. While India now has its own pavilion for the first time, in yet another location not more than a 10 minutes walk away, Nandita Chaudhuri has been earmarked alongside '53' countries, to represent India, during the Biennale d'arte di Venezia. Nandita Chaudhuri has been selected by a panel process and by Director Tatiana and Curator Paolo Dogà; represented by Studio ArTe Carapostol.