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NVIDIA® today announced the latest consumer GPU based on its Fermi architecture, the GeForce® GTX 580, which has been reengineered from the transistor-level up to deliver increased power efficiency and performance over previous generation products.

LEVEL Studios, a Rosetta company, today announced the hiring of Brien Grant as Creative Director out of the agency’s San Jose, California studio.

Grant will work with LEVEL clients, including Cisco, NetApp, eBay and NAMCO BANDAI Games, among others, to develop solutions that leverage the interplay of branded content, technology platforms and connected devices. Grant will oversee the user experience and creative groups for LEVEL | SJ in addition to supporting the agency’s other studios in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. He will also help recruit and mentor strong creative talent for the agency.

PLANTERS Launches New “Naturally Remarkable” Campaign

Today, Planters, America’s leading snack nut brand, launches a new marketing campaign that features Mr. Peanut, the beloved icon, speaking for the first time in 94 years in a series of stop-motion animation commercials that bring to life the “Naturally Remarkable” world of Planters. The first commercial appears on Mr. Peanut’s Facebook page ( on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 12:00 a.m. EST.

Planters also plans for its “Naturally Remarkable” world to come to life through a collaboration with The Corps Network to transform neglected land into natural spaces, in select communities across America. Ken Smith, the renowned landscape architect, is being tapped to design the spaces – with a whimsical touch befitting of the brand and its iconic character.

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) signed a memorandum of understanding on Friday with CJ Entertainment (CJE), Bang Singapore (Bang) and Asia Media & Technology Capital (AMTC), paving the way for a US$50 million slate of films to be produced out of Singapore over five years. The film slate, which will be primarily sourced and produced by CJE and funded through a joint venture between CJE, AMTC and Bang, is expected to generate significant activity for Singapore film companies and talents covering the complete value chain of developing, investing, producing, and promoting of successful films.

“For as long as I can remember I have been searching for an ideal friend,” says this lonely Englishman, a writer, and unexpectedly finds this relationship with Tulip, a dog. The first thing you should know about My Dog Tulip is that it is not another dog-rapturising account like Marley and Me; rather, it is the only true rapturous account of a dog.