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Maju MS is an independent freelance 3D artist hailing from New Delhi. He has a degree in BFA in Fine Arts and Sculpture from University of Kerala and the College of Fine Arts in Trivandrum. He has worked as a 3D modeler for Tata Elxsi and as a Senior Character Modeler at Fusion Toonz and currently functions as a freelance modeler at Katputhalee Animation Studios.

CG Today : Mr. Maju, thanks for accepting our request and a warm welcome to you.

Maju : Hi everybody, and thanks CG Today for giving this session to share my experiences and thoughts.

CG Today : Katputhalee Animation Studios is instrumental in honing creative personalities from diverse fields such as music, fine arts, theatre, visual studies and graphic design. How has been your experience so far, working in a constructive environment provided by Katputhalee?Maju Mohandas - Freelance 3D Artist

Maju : At Katputhalee Animation Studios, I was hired as consultant modeler. Working with KA Studios was a fantastic experience. They have a dedicated creative team and follow a stringent pipeline for production. Their approach to work is different. While they are busy with projects, there is nothing in their mind except work; after finishing the projects, rock on. As a freelancer at KA studios I was responsible for modeling & textured assets and pros. Each time, I got a chance to develop or sharpen my skills.

Involved in the Gaming, VFX and CG Animation for the past 5 years, Mohammed Anuz is currently working as a modeling TD at the Hyderabad facility of Rhythm and Hues. As a self taught artist, Mohammed Anuz has certainly came a long way in the industry through sheer hard work and love for 3D, whether it is mechanical or organic, spending hours observing real world objects of various shapes and conjuring ways to model them.

Md. Anuz, a self taught modeling artist

CG Today : Mr. Anuz, Please accept our warm welcome. We are very pleased to get this opportunity to hear your thoughts on 3D modeling and other aspects of your work.

Anuz : Thank you for your warm welcome.

CG Today : Rhythm and Hues has done incredibly well in the world of digital visual effects, including an Academy Award for Golden Compass. How does it feel, working in a place like that? Tell us more about the exuberance and vibes in such an active workplace. Md. Anuz, a self taught modeling artist

Anuz : Rhythm & Hues is one of a kind studio. Thanks to our MDs, Prashant and Vani, the work culture here is one of the best. The environment here is just like our L.A studio. I don't really get the feeling that I am working. It is more like a an extension of my home. There is so much positive energy around and I get my inspiration and motivation from the people I work with. I get to learn so much here. I am really lucky to be a part of a world class studio like this and you get to work on something you are always passionate about. I really can’t wish for more.

Tarun Gupta is, currently, a VFX/Stereoscopic Compositor for Digital Media Imaging, PVT., LTD, Reliance Media Works. Before beginning his tenure at Reliance, he was a VFX Compositor at Eyeqube Studios/Eros International. Mr. Gupta attended Delhi University. His specialties are 2D/3D Compositing (Foundry Nuke V06, Nuke X, Autodesk Combustion 4, Adobe After-Effects CS4, Autodesk Maya 2008), Motion Tracking Software (Boujou V02.5D, Mocha V02.0),and 2D Paint Software (Adobe Photoshop CS5).

CG Today : Welcome to CG Today and thank you for joining us.

Tarun : Great to be part of.

CG Today : Can you tell us more about your work at Reliance media Works? Tarun Gupta – VFX / Stereoscopic Compositor

Tarun : I am a part of Stereoscopic division of Reliance Media works, I worked as a 2D Paint Artist, my work revolves around creating Single/ Dynamic clean plates for solving an artifact called Pixel Repeat. This is created while working on Stereo Lefts Rights Depth Comp. Along with it I had worked there on several VFX Projects also.

Sonam Budhiraja is currently working as Freelance Creative Designer. Previously she was a Designer & VFX Faculty (Editing, Compositing & VFX) at Picasso Animation College in Delhi. She has also worked as a Line Producer at Future Works Media Ltd., a Compositor at Aum Creations in Mumbai, and a Compositor at DQ Entertainment. Ms. Budhiraja graduated from Delhi University with a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising. She has more than three years experience in the VFX industry and is also a Graphic Designer.

CG Today : Welcome, Sonam, to CGToday. Delightful to speak with you.

Sonam : Thank you :)

Sonam - Freelance Creative DesignerCG Today : Being a Freelance Creative Designer, how do you keep abreast of the latest innovations in animation and visual effects?

Sonam : I leave no stone unturned to keep myself abreast of the latest innovations in Animation and VFX. I surf online daily and keep an eagle eye on all the related magazines.


David James Nielsen is a composer for film and television, and has written music for independent features, television programs, short films, and theatrical plays. He has also worked as a MIDI synthesizer programmer, orchestrator, and arranger. He attended the University of Southern California, and the University of Calgary, as well as the Henry Mancini Institute, and the ASCAP Film-Scoring Workshop. David composed the original orchestral music score for 'Reclaiming the Blade', which is a documentary produced by Galatia Films, released in 2009.

CG Today : David, thank you very much for accepting our invitation to speak with us here at CG Today.

David : It's my pleasure and thanks for the invitation.

CG Today : In Reclaiming the Blade, a documentary about European martial arts, you composed the original music. How did you develop the music for this film? What was your motivation?David James Nielsen ‘Reclaiming the Blade’

David : My main creative motivation was to create an orchestral score that had distinctive melodies and themes which could be identifiable, so that the documentary could have its own custom original soundtrack. I believe that this added value to the film, by making it more unique and captivating for the audience. My intention with the score was to add a sense of nobility and elegance to the film.

The basic indications of the film director Daniel McNicoll were to originally score all of the animated vignettes that were narrated by actor John Rhys-Davies. The director wanted to have orchestral music for the animated vignettes, and use songs from bands for the live action scenes. Daniel wanted the orchestral score to have a classical feel, that was elegant and noble, but with a hint of sadness, because of the multi-faceted history of the sword. Later as the film score progressed, we were able to find more sections in the film that could use orchestral music besides the animated vignettes. One of these sections was the opening scene of the film, which included the Bamburgh Castle in the distance next to the ocean. Daniel McNicoll had chosen a rock song for the opening credits; however I thought that composing an orchestral piece where I could tailor it to the cuts would be more effective in setting the tone and mood for the documentary. I ended up creating a piece of music that incorporated the main thematic material for the documentary, which Daniel ultimately liked better than the rock song.