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Currently busy with his TD role on “Happy Feet II” at Academy Award winning producers George Miller and Doug Mitchell’s Australian digital media company, Dr. D Studios, Rahul Deshprabhu takes a break to discuss exclusively with CG Today on the career he has chosen and the projects he was part of. Carrying almost a decade of experience Rahul decorated roles at various renowned studios around the globe in the CG Lighting and FX departments which includes Look Effects, Digital Domain, Prana Studios, and Weta Digital, helping create some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters that we all enjoyed and shares with us the workflow, tips and tricks and his views on the Indian CG Industry. Apart from the job Rahul loves bikes, culinary adventures and photography. Read On.

Rahul DeshprabhuCG Today : Hi Rahul! Welcome to our pages!

Rahul : Thanks Ranjith and it is always a pleasure.

Anukul Kukade is a project director at Maya Entertainment Limited and has an industry experience in excess of 12 years. During this time, he has worked in various capacities including that of a senior graphics designer, 3D artist and HOD of lighting for international animated work. Mr Anukul has now added another feather in his cap and forayed into business development & marketing of animation content in the international and domestic sector.

Anukul KukadeCG Today : Mr. Anukul, thank you for agreeing to speak to us. Please accept our warm welcome.

Anukul : My Pleasure

Prakash Dantuluri, is the CEO at Paradigm Creatives which is based in Hyderabad. Prakash is a tech savvy and creative professional himself having been involved in many challenging projects ranging from movie making to developing mobile and tablet computer solutions. He started his career as a programming analyst.

Prakash DantuluriCG Today : Mr. Prakash, thanks for accepting our request to talk to us and please accept our warm welcome.

Prakash : Thank you. It is my pleasure.

Prakash Nambiar is the founder and CEO of Kathaa Animations, a pioneer in Indian animation industry, having created the adorable cartoon characters of Hum Tum. Prakash had also served previously as the Creative Head at Morpheus Media Ventures and Animation Dimensions. His career graph includes a lot of experience at various levels including being Technical Head at Image Software and a member of the faculty at Image Mac Academy. Prakash shares a great passion for storytelling and making of short films.

Prakash Nambiar - Founder and CEO of Kathaa AnimationsCG Today : Prakash, Thank you for agreeing to speak to us. Please accept out warm welcome.

Prakash : Thanks a lot.

Viraj Kalra is an Independent Consultant in the areas of Marketing, Corporate Training, Market Entry Management & Strategy, and End-to-End Services for Media, Education, Cinema, Animation & Entertainment Companies. He has also served as CEO at Planman Marcom Pvt. Ltd., Director at Planman Motion Pictures, Vice President at Planman Technologies and Manager-Media-Services at Perfect Relations. Viraj’s education includes masters in Marketing from Belgium, a post graduate diploma in Planning and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Human Resources from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management and a Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University.

Viraj KarlaCG Today : Welcome, Pleasure to have you with us today.

Viraj : Thank you.