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At a time, when most children of her age are competing to get high marks in school examinations, miles away from deciding what they want to be, Sindhuja Rajaraman already has a resume that will make top achievers go green. India’s youngest 2D animator, youngest digital caricaturist as certified by Corel Corporation, fastest 2D animator as certified by Nasscom Animation and Gaming Conclave, 2010 and one of the youngest CEOs with Seppan, she is all of 13 years old and had incredibly started out with animation only a couple of years ago.

Sindhuja Rajamaran the youngest CEO and 2D Animator of India

CG Today : We are almost awed by your achievements. Please accept our warm welcome.

Sindhuja : Thank you.

CG Today : Your dad, Mr. Rajamaran is credited to be the first digital caricaturist. How big an influence is he in your life in and out of animation? When you submitted your first 2D project, was it your own choice or at his encouragement?

Sindhuja : My father’s paintings are my real inspiration, I born among them and started observing his work since my early childhood days. I started learning and practicing by observing his works, on seeing my interest towards painting my father started teaching me while the same time he worked on his animations. I slowly grabbed the techniques of animation through him. Even though the process of 2D animation is tedious I was very attracted on the output. That’s the way it started. In case of my first 2D animation project, I had a tremendous help from my family. My sister gave voice, my father worked on character designs and my mother helped a part in tracing while I did the major tracing and animation. It was late mid night before the submission day when my father helped me in video output. But the second project was totally different!

Mr. Alagarsamy Mayan is the Global Delivery Head at VenSat Tech Services Pvt Ltd. Based in Chennai (India), he oversees the Creative and Technical operations for all VenSat projects across all locations, and is responsible for overseeing the further enhancement the company’s offering in digital imaging.

A globally recognized Animation industry expert, Mr. Mayan has led several creative operations at Silverline Animation, Mahindra Satyam BPO, Land Marvel, Pentamedia and other organizations over the course of his 18+ year career.

Mr. Mayan has the distinction of executing more than 200 Visual effects feature films and over 90 feature films with onsite visual effects direction. He has won many awards for his visual effects skills: Jeans - National Award for best Visual effects movie, Pandavas – National Award for Animated movie, Athadu – Nandi Award for best Visual effects movie, Sainikudu – Nandi Award for best Visual effect movie. Mr. Mayan is a member of CII Committee on Animation, Chennai Chapter and holds a Masters Degree from Adam Smith University; Massachusetts.

Alagarsamy Mayan

CG Today : It is indeed an honor to have a conversation with you, Mr. Alagarsamy; it’s an immense pleasure to have you and thank you very much for making time for this interview.

Alagar : Thank you.

Sanjay Banerjee is currently CMD at Turtle Animations Pvt. Ltd. Before he helped establish Turtle Animations, Sanjay was an Animation Artist at Picasso Centennial College. He was educated at Cambrian Hall, and Lucknow University in Bsc.,

Turtle Animations was started by Mr. Banerjee and four other highly qualified, motivated, and skilled animation artists. Their goal is to make quality family entertainment with computer generated animation.

CG Today : Mr. Banerjee, welcome to CG Today.

Sanjay : Thank you!

Sanjay Banerjee - The man behind Angelina Joe Lee!CG Today : When you worked for BAG Films, you developed and set up infra in IT, would you say you gathered a better understanding of the media and entertainment industry?

Sanjay : I started my career with BAG Films and this is where I came face to face with media and the people related to the industry. Initially it was difficult to understand the procedure and work flow of the industry but with experience and time things started falling in place. Though it was not easy but once you get into the groove, I think either you fight or you are out especially in the field where meeting deadlines are as important as your breathing process. One deadline missed and there is no other chance. But yes I was also lucky to have the support of my seniors who guided me through all the ups and downs.

Kireet Khurana is a high- honors graduate from Sheridan College, Canada, considered to be one the finest animation colleges in the world and home to many Oscar winning animators. He has also won 5 President's National Awards and 2 International Awards for his animation films. Kireet is the Director for the upcoming 3D animation – live action feature film Toonpur Ka Superhero; Mr. Khurana is Animation Editor at Studio Systems, Director at Climb Media (I) Pvt. Ltd, and Creative Head at 2nz Animation Co.

‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’ Kireet Khurana!CG Today : Welcome, Kireet. Thank you for accepting our invitation to speak with CG Today.

Kireet : Thank you the pleasure is mine.

CG Today : Toonpur Ka Superhero is your latest project which you personally created and directed. Two worlds collide in this film which boasts of live action and animation, with more than two hundred animators, artists and compositors from four studios. How did you manage such an expansive production crew?

Kireet : TKS’ journey started in 2007 Jan. TKS’ one-line concept was germinated in 2007 Jan. The writing team of Raagi Bhatnagar and Mubeen Farooqi (dialogues) got down to the arduous task of writing India’s 1st live-animation film. As we wrote, the technical challenges of the script did cross my mind frequently. But I live by the adage – Do one thing every day that scares you. Cross one barrier at a time. As the director, I had enough scary days till today! But each moment is worth living, especially because if the film does well, it will empower the entire animation Industry. The challenges were seemingly insurmountable but the light at the end of the tunnel was always visible.

Nupur Bhargava is currently the Creative Director at Invisible Rabbit. She was Supervising Producer and Animation Director for MTV India / Viacom 18. She has done freelance work and was Art Director at Corner shop Entertainment. Ms. Bhargava has done her graduation from the National Institute of Design; her experience is varied and her work has won numerous industry awards.

Invisible Rabbit - Nupur BhargavaCG Today : Ms. Bhargava, thank you for your time and your insights.

Nupur : Thank you for having me here.

CG Today : You have started your own animation studio, Invisible Rabbit. With your experience and expertise, this was, no doubt, a good career move. Give us some details about your studio.

Nupur : Invisible Rabbit is a boutique animation studio based in Mumbai. We are a small but very efficient setup. We love what we do and it reflects in our work!

At Invisible Rabbit we create international standard work with great storytelling. Our goal is to create effective communication for our brands / clients with great eye catching creatives. We have worked for several clients from Footcandles Films, Britannia, TATA AIG, Yash Raj Films, Danone ,SBI to name a few.