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Interview - Artists

Arunkumar Boyidapu - Lig

Image - Arunkumar Boyidapu - Lig

Mr. Arunkumar Boyidapu is a lighting and composting artist at Sparky Animation. Boasting of Jedi

Saturday, 23 April 2011 Comments

Interview - Managers

Interview with Sathya Na

Image - Interview with Sathya Na

Sathya Narayanan the Senior Production Coordinator of Amskray Visual Effects Studio, Chennai, Indi

Monday, 4 October 2010 Comments

Interview - Schools

Asadul Islam – Student V

Image - Asadul Islam – Student V

Asadul Islam is one of the bright new entrants in animation arena. Possessing a Master’s Degree in

Friday, 1 July 2011 Comments

Interview - Studios

Dominic Chander – Head o

Image - Dominic Chander – Head o

Dominic Chander is the Head of Animation Production at Sun Animatics India Pvt. Ltd. In the past h

Saturday, 2 July 2011 Comments


Pavithra Ramamurthy works as a Trainee 3D Animator and Rigger for Studio Eeksaurus Productions Pvt. Ltd. She completed her graduation in 3D Animation & Visual Effects program education from Vancouver Film School and has worked as a visual artist and freelance animator for some time. She has also interned at Raj TV, a South Indian television channel and also at Ogilvy and Mather, an internationally acclaimed advertising agency.

CG Today : Welcome to CG Today and thanks for accepting our invitation.

Pavithra : Thank you! It is a pleasure.

CG Today : You have been working with Studio Eeksaurus founded by Mr. Suresh Eriyat, for 3 months now. Studio Eeksaurus serves on design, creative content development for TV and manages pre-production and production of ads, short films and feature films. How has your experience been so far?CG Today - Pavithra Ramamurthy

Pavithra : Its been pretty great when it comes down to being involved in a studio project. Till now I have been pretty much freelancing in Visual effects and animation while otherwise working on my own concepts and ideas for short films. It is a nice and different experience to have a certain amount of supervision and insight from superiors and its been great to work among a team of members where each play an important and intricate role. Eeksaurus is a very challenging studio with a small team working towards achieving a very particular image. An image that could probably represent them in the most creative and perfect way possible.

Maju MS is an independent freelance 3D artist hailing from New Delhi. He has a degree in BFA in Fine Arts and Sculpture from University of Kerala and the College of Fine Arts in Trivandrum. He has worked as a 3D modeler for Tata Elxsi and as a Senior Character Modeler at Fusion Toonz and currently functions as a freelance modeler at Katputhalee Animation Studios.

CG Today : Mr. Maju, thanks for accepting our request and a warm welcome to you.

Maju : Hi everybody, and thanks CG Today for giving this session to share my experiences and thoughts.

CG Today : Katputhalee Animation Studios is instrumental in honing creative personalities from diverse fields such as music, fine arts, theatre, visual studies and graphic design. How has been your experience so far, working in a constructive environment provided by Katputhalee?Maju Mohandas - Freelance 3D Artist

Maju : At Katputhalee Animation Studios, I was hired as consultant modeler. Working with KA Studios was a fantastic experience. They have a dedicated creative team and follow a stringent pipeline for production. Their approach to work is different. While they are busy with projects, there is nothing in their mind except work; after finishing the projects, rock on. As a freelancer at KA studios I was responsible for modeling & textured assets and pros. Each time, I got a chance to develop or sharpen my skills.

Mr. Alagarsamy Mayan is the Global Delivery Head at VenSat Tech Services Pvt Ltd. Based in Chennai (India), he oversees the Creative and Technical operations for all VenSat projects across all locations, and is responsible for overseeing the further enhancement the company’s offering in digital imaging.

A globally recognized Animation industry expert, Mr. Mayan has led several creative operations at Silverline Animation, Mahindra Satyam BPO, Land Marvel, Pentamedia and other organizations over the course of his 18+ year career.

Mr. Mayan has the distinction of executing more than 200 Visual effects feature films and over 90 feature films with onsite visual effects direction. He has won many awards for his visual effects skills: Jeans - National Award for best Visual effects movie, Pandavas – National Award for Animated movie, Athadu – Nandi Award for best Visual effects movie, Sainikudu – Nandi Award for best Visual effect movie. Mr. Mayan is a member of CII Committee on Animation, Chennai Chapter and holds a Masters Degree from Adam Smith University; Massachusetts.

Alagarsamy Mayan

CG Today : It is indeed an honor to have a conversation with you, Mr. Alagarsamy; it’s an immense pleasure to have you and thank you very much for making time for this interview.

Alagar : Thank you.

Sanjay Banerjee is currently CMD at Turtle Animations Pvt. Ltd. Before he helped establish Turtle Animations, Sanjay was an Animation Artist at Picasso Centennial College. He was educated at Cambrian Hall, and Lucknow University in Bsc.,

Turtle Animations was started by Mr. Banerjee and four other highly qualified, motivated, and skilled animation artists. Their goal is to make quality family entertainment with computer generated animation.

CG Today : Mr. Banerjee, welcome to CG Today.

Sanjay : Thank you!

Sanjay Banerjee - The man behind Angelina Joe Lee!CG Today : When you worked for BAG Films, you developed and set up infra in IT, would you say you gathered a better understanding of the media and entertainment industry?

Sanjay : I started my career with BAG Films and this is where I came face to face with media and the people related to the industry. Initially it was difficult to understand the procedure and work flow of the industry but with experience and time things started falling in place. Though it was not easy but once you get into the groove, I think either you fight or you are out especially in the field where meeting deadlines are as important as your breathing process. One deadline missed and there is no other chance. But yes I was also lucky to have the support of my seniors who guided me through all the ups and downs.

Involved in the Gaming, VFX and CG Animation for the past 5 years, Mohammed Anuz is currently working as a modeling TD at the Hyderabad facility of Rhythm and Hues. As a self taught artist, Mohammed Anuz has certainly came a long way in the industry through sheer hard work and love for 3D, whether it is mechanical or organic, spending hours observing real world objects of various shapes and conjuring ways to model them.

Md. Anuz, a self taught modeling artist

CG Today : Mr. Anuz, Please accept our warm welcome. We are very pleased to get this opportunity to hear your thoughts on 3D modeling and other aspects of your work.

Anuz : Thank you for your warm welcome.

CG Today : Rhythm and Hues has done incredibly well in the world of digital visual effects, including an Academy Award for Golden Compass. How does it feel, working in a place like that? Tell us more about the exuberance and vibes in such an active workplace. Md. Anuz, a self taught modeling artist

Anuz : Rhythm & Hues is one of a kind studio. Thanks to our MDs, Prashant and Vani, the work culture here is one of the best. The environment here is just like our L.A studio. I don't really get the feeling that I am working. It is more like a an extension of my home. There is so much positive energy around and I get my inspiration and motivation from the people I work with. I get to learn so much here. I am really lucky to be a part of a world class studio like this and you get to work on something you are always passionate about. I really can’t wish for more.