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Interview - Artists

Arunkumar Boyidapu - Lig

Image - Arunkumar Boyidapu - Lig

Mr. Arunkumar Boyidapu is a lighting and composting artist at Sparky Animation. Boasting of Jedi

Saturday, 23 April 2011 Comments

Interview - Managers

Interview with Sathya Na

Image - Interview with Sathya Na

Sathya Narayanan the Senior Production Coordinator of Amskray Visual Effects Studio, Chennai, Indi

Monday, 4 October 2010 Comments

Interview - Schools

Asadul Islam – Student V

Image - Asadul Islam – Student V

Asadul Islam is one of the bright new entrants in animation arena. Possessing a Master’s Degree in

Friday, 1 July 2011 Comments

Interview - Studios

Dominic Chander – Head o

Image - Dominic Chander – Head o

Dominic Chander is the Head of Animation Production at Sun Animatics India Pvt. Ltd. In the past h

Saturday, 2 July 2011 Comments


After completing B.E degree in Electronics & communication from Anna University and a diploma in Animation & Digital Arts from a private institution, Sinu Chandrasenan started his professional career as a Graphic designer. He is now specialized in animation designing such as character design, concept art, visual development, storyboarding and sequential art (both traditional and digital medium). Leaving his full-time job, Sinu persuaded his dream as a freelancer. Currently based at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala; Sinu Chandrasenan is accessible and available 24x7 for your next project!

Doodles of Sinu Chandrasenan

Mukul started his career as a freelance 3D modeling artist after completing a course at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC). During this period he had an opportunity to work on several top level brands including Sony, Lee Cooper, Cipla, DLF and Hero Honda a few to mention. He started moving ahead working in several companies as an artist, project lead and creative head. Today he is heading the product design, animation & simulation department at Level One Communications. Level One Communications is based in Germany with branch offices in more than 20 countries offering products such as Wireless LAN, Home-Plug LAN, POE LAN, Broadband Router, ADSL Router, Printer Server, IP Network Camera, NAS series, Projector Server… oh… and a lot more… We are very pleased to introduce Mukul Singh to all our readers.

Mukul Singh – HOD (Product design,animation & simulation) at Level One CommunicationsCG Today : Hello Mukul it’s really great to know you, can you please brief your journey from MAAC till Level One Communications?

Mukul : It’s been great journey being part of creative world; I started my education with ZAP, where I did my first course on E-Commerce. After completion I felt incomplete as something was missing. The curiosity turned me to Arena Multimedia where my journey on creative media career started. I did a multimedia package course there. On completion again, I felt I should learn MAYA.

I had again got an opportunity to learn, this time at MAAC, Kamala Nagar. I really wish to mention and thank Mr.Cedric, my teacher who not only thought me the software but helped me to start seeing things in 3 Dimension. At MAAC the final practical test will be conducted for 40hours (5hrs x 8 days) and all our showreels will be sent to Mumbai for evaluations. Across Delhi it was 110 students attending the test and I was very happy that I got passed out with higher grades; I was one among the top 5. I am very thankful to my teacher and I would suggest all students to listen your teacher’s perspective, it helps.

A commerce graduate with modern management skills, Muthu Raman started his career as a Digital Artist at CompuDyne. His management skills and detailed knowledge on production management have opened up several opportunities including his services at Whizworks, Maya Entertainment Ltd, Ittina Animation Studios, Saanra till Anibrain. Being an expert in production management, today Muthu Raman serves as an independent animation VFX production consultant in parallel working with Anibrain Technologies.

CG Today had an opportunity to invite Mr. Muthuraman. A (alias) Muthu for a short interview with us.

Muthuraman. A - Animation & VFX Production Consultant.


CG Today : Its great to have you today for an interview Mr.Muthu, how are you?

Muthu : Doing fine. Thanks for asking.

Backstage Pass is the realization of a long standing dream for Mr.Surya. He is an alumnus of Vancouver Film School, Canada, in the Department of 3D Animation and Visual Effects. He has over 7 years of work experience in the Animation/Visual Effects industry. He worked as the Lead Animator for various films, including ANJI, which won the National award for Best Visual Effects. He also worked as a Team Lead at Innova Solutions, handling projects for gaming, and documentaries (History Channel). His work as a Technical Director in developing Visual Effects for a “Folklore” project from Canada won two prestigious awards and got screened at Cannes in 2007 and as well as at Shocker Fest International Film Festival - 2007, California.

We had an opportunity to explore ‘Backstage Pass – The school of Gaming’ through its Managing Director Mr. Surya with this small interview.

Exploring ‘Backstage Pass’ – The School of Gaming!

Having more than a decade of experience in Animation Industry Mr. Prince Paikattu transforms his expertise and passion through a well crafted animation training studio ‘Vrisksha’ and caters production requirements through ‘ Vaudeville Studios’. Prince is well known for his character designs & animations. He is one of the very few creators who express and experiment animation through sand. He had also conducted several live performances using sand animation.

Prince shares his experiences and views exclusively here for CG Today readers.

Prince Paikattu