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Interview - Artists

Arunkumar Boyidapu - Lig

Image - Arunkumar Boyidapu - Lig

Mr. Arunkumar Boyidapu is a lighting and composting artist at Sparky Animation. Boasting of Jedi

Saturday, 23 April 2011 Comments

Interview - Managers

Interview with Sathya Na

Image - Interview with Sathya Na

Sathya Narayanan the Senior Production Coordinator of Amskray Visual Effects Studio, Chennai, Indi

Monday, 4 October 2010 Comments

Interview - Schools

Asadul Islam – Student V

Image - Asadul Islam – Student V

Asadul Islam is one of the bright new entrants in animation arena. Possessing a Master’s Degree in

Friday, 1 July 2011 Comments

Interview - Studios

Dominic Chander – Head o

Image - Dominic Chander – Head o

Dominic Chander is the Head of Animation Production at Sun Animatics India Pvt. Ltd. In the past h

Saturday, 2 July 2011 Comments



David James Nielsen is a composer for film and television, and has written music for independent features, television programs, short films, and theatrical plays. He has also worked as a MIDI synthesizer programmer, orchestrator, and arranger. He attended the University of Southern California, and the University of Calgary, as well as the Henry Mancini Institute, and the ASCAP Film-Scoring Workshop. David composed the original orchestral music score for 'Reclaiming the Blade', which is a documentary produced by Galatia Films, released in 2009.

CG Today : David, thank you very much for accepting our invitation to speak with us here at CG Today.

David : It's my pleasure and thanks for the invitation.

CG Today : In Reclaiming the Blade, a documentary about European martial arts, you composed the original music. How did you develop the music for this film? What was your motivation?David James Nielsen ‘Reclaiming the Blade’

David : My main creative motivation was to create an orchestral score that had distinctive melodies and themes which could be identifiable, so that the documentary could have its own custom original soundtrack. I believe that this added value to the film, by making it more unique and captivating for the audience. My intention with the score was to add a sense of nobility and elegance to the film.

The basic indications of the film director Daniel McNicoll were to originally score all of the animated vignettes that were narrated by actor John Rhys-Davies. The director wanted to have orchestral music for the animated vignettes, and use songs from bands for the live action scenes. Daniel wanted the orchestral score to have a classical feel, that was elegant and noble, but with a hint of sadness, because of the multi-faceted history of the sword. Later as the film score progressed, we were able to find more sections in the film that could use orchestral music besides the animated vignettes. One of these sections was the opening scene of the film, which included the Bamburgh Castle in the distance next to the ocean. Daniel McNicoll had chosen a rock song for the opening credits; however I thought that composing an orchestral piece where I could tailor it to the cuts would be more effective in setting the tone and mood for the documentary. I ended up creating a piece of music that incorporated the main thematic material for the documentary, which Daniel ultimately liked better than the rock song.


Mr. Dippesh Jain began his career as Administrator of Marketing and Business Development at Graphiti Multi-Media and Graphiti School of Animation in the Mumbai Area, India. He received his education at N.L. Dalmia Insititute of Management Studies and Research and M L Dahanukar College of Commerce. He was head of Content Selling & Distribution at Graphiti Multimedia Pvt Ltd , Marketing Manager at Graphiti Multimedia Pvt Ltd. , and Brand Manager at Graphiti School of Animation. Dippesh is now the New Business Development Manager - Digital at Sony Pictures Entertainment . At Sony Pictures Entertainment, he handles content and brand associations, brand tie ups and explores new business opportunities on digital formats.

CG Today : Mr. Dippesh, it is a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you very much for making time for this interview.
Dippesh Jain, Business Development Manager – Sony Pictures Entertainment

Dippesh : Pleasure to connect to you and your team, it’s indeed fun to talk to you.

Sathya Narayanan the Senior Production Coordinator of Amskray Visual Effects Studio, Chennai, India. Dasavathaaram (Tamil) was the first project handled by Amskray, and it began what was to be a stellar reputation for the company. Previously, Mr. Narayanan was affiliated with the Opener School of Arts and Animation in India, Digital Juice Animations, and was Technical Lead and Coordinator for Prasad Video Digital, also in Chennai. He has been involved in animation, special effects, teaching, television, software, movies, and graphics for sporting events. It is our pleasure to find out more about Mr. Narayanan’s career and projects.

Sathya Narayanan - Senior Production Coordinator at Amskray Visual Effects Studio

CG Today : Mr. Narayanan, in such a competitive business as animation, how do you keep your work inventive and cutting edge?

Sathya : ‘Every day is new’ – seems the mantra. Also, I prefer not to have an agenda for every day, except for important & business related chores. I make myself open for any surprise or alarm during any part of the day. I presume this naturally gives that pep to stay abreast and also kindles the creative person in you.

Michael Maurer is a well-known American film and TV writer, story editor, and developer who specializes in family entertainment. He has worked at Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, DIC Entertainment, and many international companies. Mr. Maurer has recently written multiple scripts for the highly rated Universal Studios preschool series, Curious George, which just won the 2010 Emmy for Outstanding Animated Children’s Program. He is currently writing an animated feature for Starz Animation. To quote Mr. Maurer, “I love to create - let's get those fabulous film ideas off the shelf and onto the silver screen. I'm easy to work with - communication is the universal solvent”.

CG Today : It is indeed an honor to have a conversation with you, Mr. Maurer.
Of Starz, Emmys and Flying Dogs!  An interview with Michael Maurer, writer

Maurer : Thank you. I hope I can be helpful to my fellow toon-makers in some way.

We can not still say animation Industry in India is at nascent level; our boys are quiet smart pulling out creativity through technology! Dhruv Kohli is one among them. Pursuing his studies at Delhi university – B.A(Prog) Dhruv Kohli had an opportunity to explore animation industry through Arena Multimedia, Delhi. This exposure has transformed his ideal and his passion grown wild towards 3D modeling. Today he is one among the few students excel in 3D modeling. He is specialized in creating non-organic structures such as mechanical, architectural, Industrial & Engineering models. Simultaneously he is also exploring the forms, methods and patterns in creating organic models.

Dhruv Kohli – An upcoming 3D Modeling Artist!