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Travelers Insurance Dog Finds Peace Of Mind With CG Help From motion504Chopper, the lovable-but-anxious dog who goes to great lengths to protect his prized bone, makes a comeback in a new campaign for Travelers Insurance with CG help from broadcast design & animation company motion504.

Charlex and GSD&M Dance with AT&TCharlex is well known for its superior visual effects work and imaginative concepts. You can find all of those elements on display in their entertaining new :60 spot for AT&T, Dancing Through DSL.

The spot, as simple as it may seem on the surface, was actually borne out of a detailed treatment created by Charlex Director, Ryan Dunn. The spot sets out to create a storyline that effectively reveals all the benefits of AT&T's new high-speed Internet service in a single, transformative space.

Nice Shoes Expands Visual Effects Department with Boaz LivnyAfter a seven-year run supporting some of the top hi-tech, film, TV and advertising production companies, Boaz Livny is exiting the freelance life to take a seat at Nice Shoes as the Head of CG. A CG and VFX artist, technical director, and author of the most comprehensive book on CG rendering and foundations, Livny brings a depth of experience and a breadth of talent to complement Nice Shoes' solid stable of artists.
"Boaz is a versatile talent who has proven he can work with any studio on projects of any size while adding his unique signature," noted Nice Shoes CEO Dominic Pandolfino. "He's an outstanding addition to an already impressive roster."

Eden FX Completes All VFX And CG Character Work On First Season of New Hit MTV Series "Teen Wolf"

Eden FX has completed the creation of all of the visual effects for the first season of the hit MTV dramatic series "Teen Wolf," including the finale of that series, which aired August 15th. John Gross, Creative Director, Eden FX, made the announcement.

Director Derin Seale Joins MothershipDerin Seale has joined the growing roster of directors at Mothership, the hybrid production company of Digital Domain. Originating from a family of filmmakers, the self-confessed escapist has extensive experience in Hollywood and in directing high profile, international ad campaigns.